Tuesday, August 20, 2019
9:00am – 2:30pm
David City Golf Course – Par IV Restaurant
899 Park Drive, David City
$20 fee includes light breakfast and lunch
A cancer diagnosis and all that follows can be devastating
for a person and their family. While working, it also can
have a great impact on the workplace. Learn what you can
do as an employer, manager, wellness staff, and others to
better address the needs of employees going through
cancer treatment and then living as a survivor.
Key Topics:
➢ Learn more about cancer treatment and its side effects,
along with the psychosocial side of cancer.
➢ Understand the multiple losses along the cancer journey
that a person will experience and how it may impact them
as an employee.
➢ Hear the story of those who have lived through cancer
treatment while working.
➢ Discuss best practices for the worksite.
➢ Get ideas for addressing anxiety in the workplace.

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