A sunny dIsTRIBuTIOn
NPPD shines light on forward-thinking initiatives
Special for Nebraska
Public Power District
Nebraska Public Power District continues
to put a charge into sustainable, eco-friendly innovation — and people are noticing.
In June, the American Public Power Association recognized NPPD’s efforts with the
2019 Energy Innovator Award at its annual
One of NPPD’s clean energy innovations
is its SunWise Community Solar Program in
which retail customers can purchase solar
energy without having to install rooftop
panels on their homes. The program makes
it convenient for customers to utilize sustainable energy while reducing their own
carbon footprint.
NPPD’s solar panels at its solar energy
facilities convert natural sunlight into direct
current power that is then converted into
standard electrical currents used in the
home to power everything from TVs and garage door openers to lights and appliances.
“Solar subscribers in participating com-

munities can buy different amounts of solar
energy based on their annual electricity
usage,” says Tim Arlt, general manager of
NPPD’s retail division. “So far, it’s been
very popular with our retail community
The SunWise℠program is cost-effective for
consumers because it does not involve roof
panels, maintenance fees, added taxes, insurance or electrical inspections, Arlt says.
“Plus, you don’t have to own a home to
enjoy NPPD’s solar power. Duplexes, condominiums, apartments, businesses – they
can all participate in the SunWise program,” he says. “Larger community projects
can be installed and maintained at a much
lower cost than installing dozens of smaller
projects on rooftops, saving participants
money. By working together, we all benefit.”
Three NPPD retail communities — Venango, Scottsbluff and Kearney — offer community solar, with more actively pursuing
the opportunity.


Kearney’s solar energy facility is part of NPPD’s community solar program, SunWise.

1314 Douglas Street, Omaha, NE 68102