PUbLIc POWer: yesterday, tOday, tOMOrrOW
NPPD’s groundbreaking initiatives span decades
Special for Nebraska Public
Power District
According to Doc Brown’s calculations, it takes 1.21 gigawatts of
electricity to power a flux capacitor. That means Marty McFly could
travel back to the future 12,140
times each year using the energy
generated by Nebraska Public
Power District on an annual basis.
Of course, most Nebraskans
don’t own DeLorean time machines. But, we do have light bulbs
– lots of them – and homes and
businesses that need power for a
variety of gadgets and appliances.
Luckily, we also have NPPD powering our everyday needs.
“NPPD produces enough energy
annually through our diverse
portfolio of coal, nuclear, natural
gas, wind, hydro and solar to
power every home in our service
territory, and then some,” says

John McClure, vice president of
government affairs and general
counsel for NPPD.

POWerInG tHe Past
and tHe Present
Fall brings crisp air and a crunch
to the leaves, as well as shorter
days. So, it makes perfect sense
for Public Power Month to be
observed in October, when we
appreciate the flip of a switch and
the extra hours of light all that
much more.
Public Power Month isn’t just
about celebrating the companies
generating our electricity. It’s about
celebrating affordable, reliable
energy for citizens. Fortunately,
customer-driven utilities have a
rich history in Cornhusker territory.
No other state has more public
power utilities than Nebraska with
150, and we are the only state


where every single home and
business receives electric service
from publicly owned utilities.
“Nebraskans can take a lot
of pride in knowing our state is
a leader in public power,” says
McClure. “NPPD, in turn, is proud

to be the provider that generations
of Nebraskans have relied upon
to support their families and their

LOOKInG tOWard tHe FUtUre
NPPD is constantly looking to

innovate how it generates power.
It even has a name for it – rock
turning. A group of employees is
tasked with turning over figurative
rocks to discover what might be
possible, revolutionary and, most
importantly, beneficial to ratepayers. For example, this process
has led to an arrangement which
plans to utilize hydrogen as a fuel
source at one of NPPD’s fossilfueled facilities.
At the same time, NPPD’s Community Solar program continues to
gather momentum in NPPD’s retail
communities, allowing Nebraskans
to purchase green energy without
having to install rooftop panels.
Being forward-thinking is at the
forefront for NPPD. Only time
will tell if the future holds hover
boards or self-tying sneakers, a
la Marty McFly, but at least we
can count on NPPD to continue
delivering affordable power via
groundbreaking methods for
years to come.

1314 Douglas Street, Omaha, NE 68102