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Water Furnace Units Qualify for the New 30% Tax Credit! WATERFURNACE HAS A SMARTER WAY TO COOL YOUR HOME Wouldn’t it be nice to set the temperature of your Wouldn’t it be niceon tocomfort set the and temperature of your house based more less on your bankhouse account? As the price of fossil based more ontemperatures comfort andrise lessand on the your bank account? fuels skyrocket, homeowners thesystems world are finding WaterFurnace geothermalaround comfort tap into the that a WaterFurnace geothermal is own a smart way clean, renewable energy foundsystem in your backyard to to reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills at the provide savings up to 70% on heating, cooling hot water. same time. WaterFurnace units use the clean,and renewIt’s good for found the environment great for your budget. able energy in your ownand backyard to provide Contact up York A/C today to learn savings toHeating 70% on &heating, cooling andmore. hot water. YORK YORKHEATING HEATING&&A/C A/C Gary, Chris, and Tanner Gary Osentowski 3026 N Division Ave • York 3026 N Division Ave • York (402) 362-6726 (402) 362-6726 ©2013©2013 WaterWaterFurnace Furnace is ais registered a registered trademark trademark of WaterFurnace International,Inc. Inc. of Water Furnace International,