Do you notice random stuff the way I do?

I suspect not because chances are you, unlike me, have a brain that processes things more or less normally.

Not mine, though, no siree.

For instance, are you aware how many Corvettes you’ve seen that have so much as a small blemish, never mind a perceptible dent? I don’t even know who you are at this moment, but I can guarantee your number is zero. Just like mine.

I’ll even go you one better and declare you’ve never seen a Corvette out on the street that was so much as dusty, never mind splattered in mud or road grime.

This observation does not apply for some reason to Camaros. I have seen dozens of rust bucket, filthy remains of once proud Camaros roaring and ripping around, loud pipes rattling windows, calling attention to their sorry state.

I don’t understand the difference between Corvette and Camaro owners, but there sure as heck is one.

How about this?

When was the last time you observed any kind of vehicle bearing a Colorado license plate being passed on I-80? The reason I know you’ve not seen this phenomenon in person is because it’s only happened once in recorded automotive history. I confirmed this statement with the National Transportation Safety Board as far as you know.

The only time this rare event occurred happens to be credited to none other than your very own sketchy scribe.

Yes, folks, I personally passed a ‘Greenie’ on the interstate, though it was a few years ago. Try not, please, to lapse into seething jealousy that this miracle of motoring happened not to you but instead to me, Steve Moseley

In the interest of ‘non’ fake news I must acknowledge that the Colorado car was boxed in behind a row of ponderous semis and completely walled off from the passing lane as I and maybe a half-dozen others whizzed by.

Calm down and lower your voices please. Yes, that might factored into my bucket list accomplishment in some small way, but here’s what I say: Tiny details be hanged. Doggone it a Colorado car passed is a Colorado car passed. Period.

Speaking of fake news calls to mind another quirky and subtle social dynamic I’ve picked up on through keen powers of observation nourished over time. This one, however, even you may have noticed; especially of late.

It’s my supremely confident prediction that you never have (and never will) hear a single human being anywhere on planet earth - not even one - react with a noncommittal shrug and answer, “No opinion one way or the other, I can take him or leave him” when asked about Donald Trump.

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