One evening you are crammed into a chair half big enough for your considerable carcass and the next you find yourself luxuriating in one that feels half-again too big.

Ain’t life grand?

How did this happy result come about, you ask?

It wasn’t all that mysterious or miraculous as events - to be more precise four events, followed one upon the next this week.

The first Domino fell when the faithful but always-too-short-of-legroom recliner finally (thankfully?) seized up, refusing to either fully extend or retract. The wiener dogs and I found ourselves stuck in limbo. It was a bit like being trapped in mid-air with no escape in either direction.

The next substantial development was Good Wife Norma’s discovery of a moderately priced and better yet heroically proportioned recliner at the Trading Post in downtown York.

I moved with great haste to said Trading Post to give the chair a fitting and, finding it to be more than adequate to my 6-foot-4, 260-pound (give or take) bulk I petitioned Colleen to mark GWN’s find SOLD and put my name on it.

This was duly accomplished.

Step three was to disassemble the pulverized chair, load it in the truck and together with $12 American make way to the landfill; there to dump it in the Really Big Trench inside the building at the top of the hill and drive away … never to think of the wee green recliner again.

Thus did but one task remain, that of loading and subsequently unloading the massive … perhaps even throne-like … behemoth you see in the second photo.

We had some help loading it downtown. No such luck when we got the thing home.

GWN and I were deeply concerned how two fading senior citizens could possibly shape our gargantuan tormentor through the front door. Those worries proved premature. That’s because we dropped it off the tailgate, like the ton of bricks it is, onto the concrete before so much as considering the steps and narrow doorway problem.

But that was then and this is now. They say money isn’t everything and it’s not. Comfort actually is everything and, man, I got me some now.

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