We all know life isn’t fair; never was, never will be.

But these two headlines drive that point deep maddeningly (Sydney Loofe’s killers) and in unbearable sadness (the girls from Gretna).

That they happened to fall side by side only makes the profound unfairness all the more glaring; all the harder to wrap our heads around or to stomach in the case of the sleaze bags who murdered Sydney Loofe, carved her up like a Thanksgiving turkey and discarded her as if casually disposing of fish guts.

Their act was not only despicable, but monumentally disrespectful of Sydney and her family, not to mention the indignity of her death and being robbed of the future she deserved.

Long ago I came to realize some humans simply do not deserve the air they breathe nor the space on earth they waste by their presence.

As my blunt-spoken father was heard to say in reference to vacuous worms such as these, “When they were born their mother should have knocked the SOBs in the head and fed the milk to the cat.”

Am I convicting them on the pages of the newspaper? Of course not. That to which these monsters have already confessed is worthy of a torture chamber. The rest is just fill-in-the-blank details.

On the left side of the same page we read about the unspeakable tragedy that befell five best friends and their families near Omaha.

By all accounts these young women were possessed of intelligence and energy light years beyond anything Loofe’s killers could ever achieve. They were dancers and soccer players and cheerleaders and volleyball participants … and so much more.

The wreck was so horrific emergency responders are receiving counseling to help them deal with what they saw, heard and experienced that awful night in the dark.

Four died on site in the towering inferno of wreckage. Thank goodness the fifth was ejected and will apparently survive, albeit not without surgery to remove charred skin, eventually graft over it and fix a shattered collar bone among her many other injuries.

Four beautiful futures are snuffed out with a single errant turn of a steering wheel, yet the slack-jawed ruminant of a career criminal, who ruined his companion’s future as well as that of the Loofe family, remains alive.

Not only alive, but have you noticed he actually enjoys keeping the courts and media dancing on his string; relishes it in fact. Such is the height of arrogance shown by this male human being; one who is not a ‘man’ by any definition.

It upsets me when people kill snakes just because of their own petty insecurity and fear, but when real slimy monsters such as these slither from beneath a rock I suggest we get the shovel.

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