The 60s we will discuss today aren’t the 1960s, although I and most of you have much we could talk about from our own memory bank of that era.

No, what I’m taking about are the 60s … as in from age 60 to 69.

Having recently passed out of my own 60s it seems appropriate to see what comes of a backward glance beginning at age 59.

I didn’t realize it, but simple math proves all of the 60s for me were spent among you here on this ocean of either (a) corn or (b) the other scenic alternative corn stubble.

Have you noticed, as I have, York County has only two seasons … corn and corn stubble.

All of the past 10 years were spent either huddled over a tricked up typewriter at the office, often deep into the night working against deadline, or out among you covering hundreds of events from middle school science fairs to school board meetings and endless athletic events.

It was, all things considered, an above average personal decade for us - which is to say Good Wife Norma, myself and the endless parade of wiener dogs that have shared our humble home.

GWN is in year 50 of a wildly diverse nursing career. As for me the clock ran out on something at or near 30 years in the newspaper ‘bidness’ Jan. 1 of this year and I went ‘blip’ and faded out on the YNT’s radar screen.

Six months later the other foot dropped when I ran head-long into The Big 7-Oh!

Weep not for me, however. My intent is not to mourn these monumental life changes, but rather to acknowledge them for the life-altering impact they are manifesting now and will continue into whatever future - be it short or long - remains.

Three weekends ago we were fishing at Harlan County Reservoir. Weekend before last I was at Oahe Lake in South Dakota with son Aaron and last Sunday GWN and I plied the waters of Elwood Reservoir in Gosper County, New-Brass-Key.

Next up is a six-day trek to our old stomping grounds in northwest Wyoming with Mike and Sally Bell from Broken Bow. We have been friends since our kids were Worlds of Fun age. (Sad to say, all theirs and ours are now north of 40; quite a ways north for some.)

In the big view I’d say the 60s treated both of us just fine. No major health issues. Lots of family who either love us or fake it well.

Wealth? Gosh no. But on the other hand we don’t owe a dime to a single living soul and that, it seems to me, is the second best thing.

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