Dear God, what have we done to America?

Where did it go? It’s certainly plummeted out of my view.

The America to which I refer is that of my own youth. The country which nurtured me and helped me grow into whatever kind of person I am today.

Folks helped guide me, they did not shoot bullets into my soft, young body from 100-round circle magazines fired by weapons of war capable of killing dozens of entirely innocent human beings in the span of only a couple minutes.

There were guns in my day to be sure and I had some myself. Still do. But the near-machine gun capability to mow living, breathing human beings and their loved ones down as though they were bobble-head targets is unconscionable. They do it just for kicks apparently or, almost worse, in the copy cat, twisted name of some fetid, idiot bias unapologetically enabled by our once proud and respected country’s supposed ‘leader.’

Witness the Wednesday Omaha World-Herald this week in which is found an excellent front page story written by the staff at the Washington Post. No ‘fake news’ here folks, just actual facts ferreted out not by pathetic, likely Russian, online hacks but rather by professional journalists who are actually educated, qualified and credentialed to do this stuff.

I knew parents could purchase handgun bullet proof inserts for their kids’ backpacks. We all heard about that, didn’t we?

But are you aware that same market, disgraceful for the necessity of its existence, includes such ‘merchandise’ as anti-mass murderer clipboards and even bullet resistant 3-ring binders for crying out loud? The shame.

These items and others, we are told by the Post’s scribes, are especially attractive to parents, doctors, teachers and even cabbies. This is in addition, of course, to the aforementioned children.

Police were forced into bullet proof vests long ago by our deteriorating society and the spineless, self-serving politicians who are happy to mindlessly mutter “Thoughts and Prayers” over and over ad nauseam while steadfastly refusing straighten their gelatinous backbones long enough to try something - anything - that might make this carnage stop or, at the very least, slow it down.

A spokesman for one company that emblazoned it’s anti-tank backpacks with Disney princesses and Avenger Superheroes until forced to stop by public outcry, hit the nail on the head for me when he termed this growth industry a “morbid niche.”

Did I forget to mention bullet resistant white boards and chair cushions and children’s puffer vests … whatever in the heck they are. Within hours of the Dayton murders a company named Leatherback Gear that sells backpacks which can be morphed into full-blown bullet proof vests at the first ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ experienced a meteoric 12-fold spike in sales. This for a product that goes for up to $400 a throw.

Step back Power Rangers, there’s a new transformer in town.

According to professional analysts this market-of-the-macabre has now - thanks entirely to weekly mass murders that promise no one may ever again be truly safe in our embattled nation - climbed into the tens of millions of dollars.

So much heartbreak. So many hundreds of wonderful lives filled with love and potential cut short and absolutely no end in sight. So sad.

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