What is it they say, “All good things must end?”

Well, this is one good thing that has come to an end.

As you read this on Saturday the sun will be almost set on Mose’s Excellent Wyoming Adventure 2020. I look forward to returning to hearth, home, Good Wife Norma and (though I am ashamed to admit) even her pod of prime tube dogs.

It’s been a hoot at work here. Many of the colleague friends I left at the Powell Tribune 15 years ago remain. It’s a treasure to have the chance to rejoin them and feel like a viable part of a team again. I’ve missed that the last couple years.

The sheer volume of sports to cover exceeds anything I have faced since leaving Powell 15 years ago as sports editor. As managing editor in York the next 14 years, I chased a slew of games and meets as my major contribution to content on the pages, but in terms of sports my role was secondary to News-Times sports editor Ken Kush. He was and still is the lead dog.

Here in Powell, by contrast, I am the bell cow for all things sports except swimming. One week I personally watched and photographed eight home basketball games between the girls, boys, men and women of Powell High School and Northwest College. This is not to whine, what else did I have to do those evenings and afternoons out here alone anyway? It does serve as an extreme example of how completely I have been immersed in the thick of wrestling and hoops since the first of the year.

Folks here have been warmly receptive to this shuffling senior citizen, a stranger to most of them, who dropped from the sky and landed in their midst.

The surrounding mountains and wildlife winter ranges have, to the surprise of no one who knows me, provided their own leisure time immersion.

A couple trips of two days each back and forth across Lamar Valley in north Yellowstone, while difficult to do from Powell, is impossible when huddled in Nebraska. The road across the park from Mammoth to the northeast gate is plowed for wheeled vehicles during winter. Only snowmobiles are permitted on all other park roads.

A half-dozen hot spots for wildlife and winter mountain scenic photos lie much closer to Powell where locals have no doubt noted a black, Nebraska truck driven by a sketchy looking fellow lurking about this winter.

As this is written plans are already in preliminary stages for a moose hunt (cameras only) in the north Big Horns in late summer and a week of ‘Yellowstone and More’ come September.

Thinking about then sure does make it easier to leave now.

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