The end isn’t near.

The end is here.

As you read this Saturday morning, I either left for the flat country yesterday or will leave sometime today.

Which? It’s complicated.

The Powell boys are playing at the state tournament in Casper this weekend and depending how they do it will be one or the other. If I don’t get away until Saturday that’s fine. Means the Panthers won at least one game.

Here in Wyoming they play down to third and fourth, so the possibilities are many.

Since Casper is four hours closer to home than Powell, the good folks here at the Tribune suggested I just head on home directly from there and send my story and photos from York.

Excellent idea. Eight hours of windshield time gone in a heartbeat.

Yes, it’s been a hoot. Something completely different and stimulating to break up the winter. Am I ready to be home after two and a half months? Sure. Would I do it again? Probably.

Seems only right to end these weekly tomes with a final Wyoming critter picture and a mountain scenic.

We’ll call it two for the road.

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