We don’t need Dr. Fauci to tell us 40% is fewer than half the total number of registered voters in York County.

Still and all, sad as it is, the 40% who cast ballots in Tuesday’s primary reached record levels.

Historically for an election like this one, which is to say a primary without a hot-button local issue like a major school or municipal bond issue, proposed fluoridation of our shared water supply or the like, turnout is more typically in the neighborhood of 20%.

This from no less authority than colleague Melanie Wilkinson who has written ‘voter turnout’ sidebar stories to accompany her election coverage for more years than she would likely admit.

Double expectations for voter turnout in a primary that offered nothing incendiary at all, at least on my Republican ballot, is not to be sniffed at. Imagine the possibilities had the who-knows-how-many eligible voters who couldn’t trouble themselves to even register, let alone vote, not shirked their civic responsibility.

Why such a remarkable turnout … comparatively speaking? The answer could not be more obvious. It was vote by mail.

Consider the fact ballots either mailed to the York County Election Office or dropped off at the courthouse quadrupled the number cast in person Tuesday at the polling places.

We know COVID-19 played an enormous role, but quadruple is quadruple no matter how you slice it.

I don’t know about you, but I was much impressed.

Voting by mail is not beloved by all. Anybody with even one Oar of Awareness in the water knows that. It seems to me, however, that sentiment traces back to one fellow who is, above everything else, frantic to be re-elected.

If there has been significant abuse caused by absentee balloting ahead of elections in any form, or deceased people voting as has been claimed without proof, it has not been legitimately documented one time in my seven decades.

Unsubstantiated claims are bandied about to strike fear in some folks, as is their intent. But from where I sit outrageous pronouncements of massive voter fraud, past or present, do not pass the most casual sniff test.

That an election outcome might be reversed by some dark conspiracy of ballot box stuffing in an environment in which a pathetic 20% voter turnout is the norm is laughable on its face.

If 80 percent of eligible voters refuse to cast one ballot, how would you get anyone to cast two?

The bottom line? Twice as many people voted. In what world is that not a good thing?

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