They say you are never too old to learn.

I learned this week you can have concrete curbing poured around your … more accurately ‘her’ … flower beds and shrubbery.

Proof positive that what I say is the no-kidding truth lies in the accompanying photo of Good Wife Norma’s beds across the front of our home. They also run across the west end and along both sides of the back yard.

If I have piqued your interest and you are Jonesin’ for a close-up look wander on over to 16 Fairview Drive. We promise not to shoot if you visit in daylight.

I have no idea if other folks in the area do this, but ours was installed to our complete satisfaction by Kramer’s Kurbing out of Osceola. The go-getter young proprietor is Kramer Watts. If it trips your trigger, though, don’t dally. He’s already booking next year.

Being a yard and garden hater by self-declaration, it pains me no end to admit this, but doggone it I am impressed with the look. Your chosen base color is dyed into the concrete. Once poured a contrasting hue and an etched pattern are rolled in by hand.

The whole process is fun and fascinating to watch.

Sturdiness is obvious and this stuff is waaay easier to mow around than those &%$# floppy, flimsy plastic strips. You can tell at a glance this edging ain’t goin’ nowhere and it keeps all that crunchy mulch where it belongs which is say away from my mower blades.

Did you figure out by now GWN and I are believers. We say, “Check it out.”

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