A couple things popped into my mind just now.

Better scratch something out double quick before they slip over the abyss into Memory Loss Canyon like everything else.

The first is Yorkfest which I am sitting out entirely for the first fall in more than a dozen years. There are times when this retirement business feels more weird than others. This is one of those times.

The good folks down at the office have it covered wide and deep, no need for me and my camera at all. This is quite different from previous Yorkfests during which I ricocheted around like a BB in a boxcar chasing coronation, runners at night, bounce houses, concerts in the park and much more including, naturally, the big parade.

This year for the first time I went from the warp speed of Yorkfests past to dead in the water. This is not necessarily bad, just kind of strange.

The upside of not puffing and panting to get to everything is, of course, not puffing and panting to get to everything.

While you and the YNT crew take in the parade later this morning, grandson Dom and I will be bobbing about on a lake down by Lincoln. So weep not for me, I have a perfectly acceptable alternate activity.

The other subject about which I am compelled to comment is this year’s edition of the Spencer Family Reunion. It began on my grandpa’s home place near Weissert decades ago and continues each Labor Day Sunday at the Prairie Pioneer Center in Broken Bow.

I look back and am amazed this reunion continues to have legs after so many years and generations.

The 2019 version featured six relatives from Washington State I hadn’t seen in years … most not since they and I were children. Their presence helped boost attendance to the best it’s been in a good long while.

What fun it was to reconnect with cousins I ran with down on ‘the crick’ back in more energetic days. We’re all rounder and more sedate now, but I tell ya’ … we can still spin a tall tale with the best of ‘em.

Next year the Moseley clan’s turn to host the reunion arrives. That’s no small thing. There are expectations. Standards to maintain. Traditions to honor.

So the pressure’s on. Are we up to the task? See me a year from today. The verdict will be in by then.

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