I was asked a while back to write a letter in support of getting the York City Auditorium back on its feet again.

Let this be that letter.

I have covered a dizzying variety of community events and athletics in this classy building the past 15 years. Sports editor Ken Kush’s history with it makes mine look like a flash in the pan.

The auditorium is a unique asset to say the least. Where aside from York have you seen another like it? In my 70 years there has been exactly one and we are blessed to have it right smack-dab in the middle of everything we do.

And we do a lot inside its walls, don’t we?

All manner of craft, holiday, lawn and garden shows. YHS graduation, the Crossroads Conference basketball and volleyball tournaments, the huge Boy Scout auction that’s been an annual community highlight for years, wedding receptions, church services, countless Bloodmobiles, a nurturing indoor playground for kids … the list goes on and on.

Many of us vote there and on some of the saddest days in York’s history it wrapped itself around hundreds of us so we could mourn together under its expansive roof.

That roof and the building’s HVAC system have kept us reliably cool in summer, toasty warm in winter and dry during torrential rain.

Everything wears out, though, doesn’t it?

We needed the York City Auditorium then and we will continue to need it as far into the future as any of us can see.

The structure is stoic and statuesque; the epitome of class and style. It has served well and faithfully. How could be even think about not doing right by a silent old friend that cannot speak for itself?

Grant or no grant, York can get this done.

I offer the Holthus Convention Center, York Ball Complex and Family Aquatic Center as Exhibits A, B and C to prove we can.

The breathtaking and historic York County Courthouse that exists only in photos the memories of a fortunate few serves as Exhibits A, B and C that we must.

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