This week I thought I’d knock off my normal ducking, diving, delaying tactics and get to the point right away: Thursday of this week was the 49th wedding anniversary for Good Wife Norma and yours truly.

Forty-nine years? How is that possible? Can you even believe it?

Of course you believe it, easy-peasy. GWN and I are the only ones who can’t comprehend such a number. This is because we look every bit as old as we actually are to you. The difference is we only look half that old to us.

It was a blistering hot day on June 27, 1970, at the Augustana Lutheran Church in Genoa, hard by the banks of Beaver Creek in Nance County, New-Brass-Key. On that afternoon we ‘tied the knot’ as folks were oft heard to say in those innocent (some would say oblivious) days of yore.

We were just kids. If not how could GWN and I possibly be one (1) year from the big one … our Golden Anniversary … and yet be so outwardly young, vigorous and plumb eat up with energy?

How does a couple make it 49 years using the same bathroom? Frankly, I have no idea, but somehow we survived … so far.

What a different world folks confront now compared to 1970. So many profound changes for both good and very bad. We saw it all and by some miracle figured out together how to muddle through.

Even managed to raise three great kids without inflicting any permanent damage; at least none that shows. Not one of the children of whom we are so proud has given us cause to be ashamed a single time in their lives. We are so grateful because, sadly, the number of parents who cannot make that statement is legion.

These things I know for certain are helpful in the quest for 50. Loyalty. Tolerance. Good humor. Kindness. Respect. Snoring mitigation. Tolerance. Common courtesy. Shared values and, most of all if you’re married to someone of my ilk, even more heaping helpings of tolerance, tolerance, tolerance.

And last but not least never ever, be ye sober or smashed, forget to put the seat down.

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