I wonder if you received your so-called ‘stimulus’ money, and if so, what you have done or will do with it.

Good Wife Norma and I duly received our allotted 2,400 bucks. We spent it immediately, though probably not how the folks who sent it intended.

Rather than go on a shopping spree we paid some bills. Nothing romantic or dramatic for oldsters the likes of us.

I would not advocate against those emergency prop-up-the-economy temporarily payments. Desperate circumstances demand desperate action and desperate is certainly where we are now.

That said, I am nonetheless compelled to interject a discordant note. The sad fact is none of the money showering down upon us – not a single sawbuck - actually exists at any level of reality.

Did we forget Mr. Evil Deficit?

Mr. Evil has been ignored and stonewalled by the so-called ‘leaders’ of both parties for decades. But squinching our eyes tight, covering our ears and humming ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ has not diminished the deficit’s devastation one farthing. The ‘Deficit That Ate America’ not only didn’t go away, while we averted our eyes it grew and grew and grew like the cancerous lesion it is.

I have read it was Bill Clinton of all people, and the Congress during his administration, that last balanced the federal budget.

The current president pledged to attack Mr. Evil Deficit like a commando. I heard him say it over and over ad nauseum and so did you. Since the election, though, hardly an acknowledgement it even exists.

In fairness perhaps we ought not single him out overmuch. His yawning, ho-hum, just-pass-it-along-to-the-next-guy (or gal) approach exactly duplicates the ‘thinking’ of the House, Senate and vast majority of Americans. I believe if ‘We the People’ cared about or even understood the ramifications for our nation’s future, they would be marching down on all three houses of our government with torches lit.

As long as sitting upon one’s hands gets politicians re-elected nothing will be done. Ever. You know it. I know it. Nothing will change until our wobbling house of fiscal cards inevitably tumbles down and suffocates the innocent people of future generations we are disgracefully betraying today.

How unconscionable and irresponsible that we permit it to happen. I am ashamed.

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