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How about a little travelogue this week just for variety?

More specifically a little travel story about Branson and, more than the town itself, nearby Silver Dollar City.

Good Wife Norma, brother Jim and sister-in-law Mary spent Saturday and Sunday in the Ozark country, comfortably tucked into a first-rate, three-bedroom condo smack dab in the middle of it all; which in Branson begins with traffic. It seems no matter where you go the thing you are most in the “middle” of is a swarm of cars and buses.

This can prove to be a bit of a pain, but one that is certainly not insurmountable thanks in large part to alternate routes identified by color that help many visitors avoid the worst of the congestion. We discovered the GPS in Jim and Mary’s comfy 2018 Highlander was fully aware of these back roads … to our considerable relief.

There is much to make Springfield, Branson, Eureka Springs, Silver Dollar City, Shepherd of the Hills, Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and a slew of other stuff worth putting up with the traffic hassle in any season, but this time of year it’s the spectacular and splendorous Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City.

This is a black and white page so you will have to imagine the brilliant colors in the accompanying photo. Take my word for it, they are glorious.

As it happened, we were driving south to Branson last Friday. Somewhere along the way we had met the York Fun Club bus heading north back home. The Fun Clubbers took in a bunch of shows and this year added Silver Dollar City to their annual Christmas tour for the first time.

So fair warning; we may not be the only folks you will hear crowing about Christmas at Silver Dollar City.

The theme park was impressive enough when we arrived in mid-afternoon, however those views paled to insignificance once full darkness fell upon the throng of folks who were there to be ‘lit up’ on a crisp, beautiful fall night. A number of lighted tunnels (see photo) feed folks into the Mid-Town portion of sprawling Silver Dollar City. The whole place amazes, but Mid-Town is where the intensity, color, atmosphere and dazzle shoot over the moon.

You could try to imagine an eight-story lighted tree and more than 6.5 million bulbs in all, but you would fail.

How exciting to share our immersion in a towering, all-enveloping world of light and music with the horde of other folks jammed onto the streets and walkways. On this night a huge, jostling crowd was not a negative. Quite the contrary, the human glut added to the scope and amazement of this unique place.

It’s still going on and will be through the end of December. Yes, I know that’s probably too short notice for this Christmas, but as of today you have more than a year’s notice to go next holiday season and it’s only a day’s drive away. So, no excuses.

Mose and GWN say … “Try it. You’ll like it.”

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