Perhaps you’ve noticed … life has gotten a bit complicated on planet earth just lately.

When I left Powell, Wyoming, a couple weeks ago the madness had not yet arrived in significant ways. Events since then prove that as I was leaving town to return to Nebraska, COVID-19 was moving in behind me.

My most stunning experience with coronavirus has come at Grand Central Foods where I quickly resumed my former duties as an elderly carryout kid. To say it’s a different store than when I left at the first of the year is a monumental understatement.

We stopped in for a few things the first Monday after I got home and were shocked to find the parking lot, aisles and checkouts full up at 10:30 in the morning. Though I didn’t check, the restrooms were hopping too, I bet, that being where the only TP in the building was to be found.

Speaking of bathroom tissue, what’s the deal with this full-flight panic hoarding mentality? We will probably be very sorry one day soon, but Good Wife Norma and I have resisted buying into that mentality.

It’s obvious at the most casual glance the shelves are shelled at Grand Central. Plan for that to continue. It was already known by at least Wednesday that Friday morning’s truck was going to deliver far less product than the department heads ordered. Why? Warehouse allocation, that’s why.

The store might order 50 cases of a particular commodity – the aforementioned toilet paper for example – but actually get only 10. This is the way it’s going to be for a while so we might as well calm down and adjust our pace of life accordingly.

It’s nuts at Grand Central but at least folks there are solid in their employment for the foreseeable future. I feel just awful for all the hard-working folks here and in the world beyond whose income rug has been pulled from beneath their feet, leaving them crumpled on the ground. How will they support their families?

Good question. What a frustration that wishing them the best is all folks like you and I can do.

Will it be over soon? Maybe, but don’t bet the TP on it.

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