We’re all familiar with the old saying -- good news, bad news!

The bad news is that I accidently left a donor out of my list in last month’s column. I was afraid that I would do that if I tried to list our many generous benefactors.

So, hats off and apologies to the Elks Christmas Charities. This wonderful organization worked hard delivering Christmas baskets to needy families throughout York County. Their time and efforts year after year is greatly appreciated.

The good news is that I’m thankful for the many readers of my column. Even though I show my blonde roots from time to time with my forgetfulness.

I would also like to apologize for the situation with our downed phone lines for the past week. There was a mix-up with the phone companies and in the meantime, our customers and clients have not been able to communicate with our store and offices. I hope that by the time my column runs that the phone line is up and running again. Otherwise Blue Valley might have to resort to old-fashioned smoke signals!

This week Blue Valley Community Action held its bi-monthly staff and volunteer meeting. Subway graciously donated a party platter to say thank you to our volunteers. In return, we all say thank you to Subway.

The amount of work done behind the scenes here is incredible. Without a shadow of a doubt, Blue Valley couldn’t do what they do without our many volunteers and their donations of time and talents.

The work load is divided by teams. Nancy Lee leads the sorting team, Carla Snodgrass and Dorothy Fisbeck lead the Walmart food distribution and Lorne Dowhy heads up the food pantry team. Each of these team leaders is indeed a leader. They lead by example and work a lot of extra hours to make sure that the jobs get done. Their extra efforts do not go unnoticed.

Jennifer Harre continues to hold down the fort as my right and left hand gal. The paper work and follow-up to serve all our clients is staggering, but Jennifer always gives 110% and brings her unique brand of humor and fun to the work load to lighten up all of our days.

Monday, February 18 is President’s day. Blue Valley will be closed that day to observe the holiday.

Terrific Tuesday continues to be just that, terrific. Customers 55 years and older receive 50 percent off all clothing. Don’t worry, no one will ask for proof of your age.

Terrific Thursday continues to be very popular. The day continues to feature prize drawings, super sales and complimentary goodies. The next best part is that Blue Valley stays open until 6 p.m. Many of our customers have requested that we stay open late one day, giving them the opportunity to come out and shop after they get off of work. We were glad to oblige their request.

Blue Valley continues to stand by, always ready to serve.

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