Why are things done a certain way? What gives you the reason to do what you do? These and other questions like these are the basis for so many things that we all do every day.

The staff and board of directors at the Chamber feel our “Y” is something that is continually with us. The mission statement of the Chamber is the model for how we try to operate each day.

The York Chamber of Commerce is an organization of progressive members dedicated to building a strong vibrant business community in the York area. The Chamber, through its membership, provides community leadership, promotion, communication and unity to insure continued economic support and growth. This simple but strong statement gives us our “Y” as we plan networking, educational and social events for the membership as well as for the community. Providing a quality product is something that is very important to all.

I encourage business owners to ask themselves, “What’s my ‘Y’? How can I share my passion and vision with my clients and customers?” Continuing to provide exceptional service to all patrons is a simple way to do that. To be aware of your regular patrons’ interests and personal taste is remembered long after the customer leaves. Guests to the community notice those little details and comment that it is the little things that make their experience so memorable.

Knowing your “Y” isn’t just for businesses. All those in the community should know the reason why they are passionate about York. I am often asked why I always get so excited when I talk about my community. It is simple to me. York is home and I am thrilled to share with anyone why.

York is where I met my husband and where we raised our children. York is where my husband and our family have built a business. The community has been so supportive over the years and in turn, we have been able to proudly support the various activities and causes in town. York’s K-12 education system provided opportunities for my girls in and out of the classroom. I believe those experiences gave them the tools needed as they went on to York College to further their education. As my children have started families of their own, they continually incorporate into their daily lives the things learned in York in their youth. This is evident when our grandchildren talk and ask about different aspects of the York community.

I am encouraging everyone to ask themselves personally and professionally, What’s Your “Y”, and share it. Share it in your activities, your promotions and in your day to day life. Use the hashtag #whatsyoury when you post on social media.

The first week of June is already gone and that means July will be here soon. With that, York will be celebrating our nation’s independence on July 3. Join us at the York County Fairgrounds for Firecracker Frenzy. The gates will open at 8 p.m., and the show will begin at dusk -- approximately 10 p.m.

Be sure to mark on your calendar July 19 and 20 for Balloon Days! Join in the mid-summer fun that will take place over these two days. York Parks and Recreation will kick off the weekend with an adult kickball tournament at the ball complex. On Saturday, July 20, beginning at 8 a.m., the traditional sidewalk sales of Downtown York will get underway. Retailers will have bargains galore out on the sidewalks for everyone to browse. ESI Camp students will have their “stores” setup downtown as well. These students will have completed a week-long Entrepreneur Camp and their shops are a result of that. Come downtown to support our local retail and ESI student stores

The York News-Times is also coordinating the annual citywide garage sales that will take place on the 20th. If you are thinking of having a sale, this would be a great day to have one. Contact Cheri (cheri.knoell@yorknewstimes.com) soon so you do not miss out.

Transportation Exploration will be back! Interactive activities as well as vehicles will be at York’s Holthus Convention Center. This is fun for the whole family.

The Chamber along with Parks and Recreation will once again have a giant water balloon fight on Fifth Street. This was so much fun last year and it was great to see families get involved. The Emmanuel Outreach Team will offer freeze pops to participants again. The frozen treat was enjoyed by so many.

Thank you for allowing me and the staff at the Chamber to share our “Y” with the events that we are able to put together with our business and city partners.

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