One more year is ending tonight and it gives me a chance to say THANKS to many people.

First of all, thanks to the staff at York General Hospital who took exceptional care of me when I had my mini strokes this summer and then the urinary tract infection this fall. Both were unexpected and hit me hard. The strokes happened this summer as I foolishly had a booth at the Farmer’s Market without a chair or shade. I didn’t think I was that dehydrated, but as I went to the library to get a drink of water, I slurred my words to Deb at the library. She called Susan Cox, who is on her board, and told her to call her brother Bob and have him take me to the Hospital. Susan and her husband were in Estes Park at the time. Deb didn’t have Bob’s number. All of a sudden Bob pulled up and started packing my stuff. I asked him what was going on and he said we were going to the emergency room. I didn’t want to go but he got my stuff packed up and got me in the car. We drove up to the E.R. and we got into a room where lots of tests were done. It was determined that I had a series of strokes and I should stay the night. It was quite the ordeal since Bob was leaving for Peru that night. My friend Evelyn Campbell took over, got Bob on his plane and took care of me.

While Bob was gone, I finally got home after Evelyn took my mom on a tour of the hospital to ease her mind. My family came down from Omaha and spent some time with me and eventually took me home. My younger brother went to work finding discounts on my medication (I didn’t have insurance at the time) and buying several meals at the Chances R to be delivered. That week before Bob got back, my neighbors really came through. My next door neighbor Brenda, who is a nurse in Grand Island, stopped over along with her husband and assured me if I need anything, they would be there. Other neighbors called on me during the week, but it was Evelyn who really took care of me. Bob got home later that week and took over.

While I was recovering, the doctors told me that I could get very emotional at the drop of a hat. No kidding! Still now, writing this, I have tears running down my face. I ran into one of my co-workers at the store later on and she must have told my boss because I got many good wishes from my boss and co-workers. It was amazing. They have been very kind when I went back to work making sure I’m getting a lot of water and break times.

About a month ago it took me 15 minutes to get out of bed. I got dressed for work and went in. Within five minutes, my boss Betty told me I need to go home because I didn’t look right. I went home and stumbled a few times and then fell into a clothes rack. I couldn’t get up. Luckily it was Veterans Day and Bob was home. We both feared it was another stroke, so back to the emergency room we went. I was fortunate that they quickly decided it was NOT another stroke, but a urinary tract infection. I stayed overnight and the antibiotic they gave me worked within hours. I’ve been drinking lots of cranberry juice which has really helped.

It took a lot of people at the hospital to get me on track but I want to thank Dr. Stuckey. I must say, I was given outstanding service at my two stays at the hospital. Everyone I encountered there was great. I took several walks around the hospital and all the staff were very kind. We are so lucky to have a hospital of this caliber and for that I am VERY thankful.

We didn’t do our annual meal before Christmas this year. I was just too tired. Instead Santa made deliveries of sandwiches to the police department, the sheriff’s office, the fire department and of course, the emergency room. Santa also visited the patients who were at the hospital, handing out candy canes where he could. While it wasn’t the same as our dinner, I think we made some smiles that night.

I want to thank my friends, family and co-workers for helping me out this year. It’s been a trying one, but because I live in such a great community, it was a great experience. What will 2020 have in store? Who knows? With the support of my friends and family, especially Bob, it should be a good one. I wish each of you a safe, prosperous and wonderful 2020. Thank you so much for reading my column!

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