Well, I’ve got a couple of days in the Middle School again.

I was worried that several months of doing nothing would make things difficult at work…and I was right! Actually it wasn’t bad. We had a day of cleaning and an actual day of work. It was difficult at first, adapting to the new schedule, but everyone has been so kind. Betty, my boss, checks in with me to make sure I’m doing OK and there is another one that has taken the place of my mother. She checks all the time with me to make certain that I’m pacing myself and getting plenty of water — just like my mom would too! It makes me feel good that so many are looking out for me and as others have told me in the past, I would check on others if the roles were reversed.

We have a new manager in the kitchen, and thankfully she is taking things on that I thought I would be doing. I think it’s a matter of getting into a pattern that will help and hopefully this week will get me closer to that and consequently, more at ease with the place. I have some of my old duties and a few new ones. We have two newbies and one from last year retired. Eventually we will be a well-oiled machine, churning out great food for the kids. I know it will take some time to get used to the new routine, but thankfully I have great people to work with — plus the kids have been amazing too!

This week I will be working on the Yorkfest 40th anniversary display at the library. I am still working in my head how it will look but it’s getting time to put it together. I can’t believe my time as Yorkfest King is closing down and soon I will announce my replacement. There were a lot of things we wanted to do as royalty this year, but my illness caused a different direction. I know my only obligation was last year’s Yorkfest plus a few things here and there, but there were so many more times we could have represented York but time got away. I hope the new King and Queen won’t mind doing a few parades next year.

I am anxious to once again do the parade with Mark Jensen. I’ll be in the parade again, but should get back to my duties soon after. I want to thank Hannah Miller from the Chamber for taking over the parade information. It will give me more time to recover.

Forty years of Yorkfest is hard to believe. I’ve had a couple of years planning the event as a private citizen, then several years as Chamber Director and now as Yorkfest King. They have all been an honor to work on the event. I hope you realize how much work goes into this and other events the Chamber puts on. They don’t just magically happen. It takes everyone from the Chamber Board of Directors, a terrific staff to coordinate the efforts, an army of volunteers to pull it off and especially you for coming to the event and participating. Forty years is a long time to do anything let alone an event. Congratulations to the staff and the volunteers and the new royalty for keeping Yorkfest alive and doing so well.

My duties as popcorn maker at the library is over for a while and I want to thank the library staff and especially Lily Mayfield for helping. Now comes the cookbook -- I am taking on putting together a Friends of the Library Cookbook in time for the annual York Uncorked event in February. Soon members of the FOL will be getting instructions on what we need to put this together. I am pleased that we are going local to produce it. I visited with Tony North and he has agreed to do the book for us instead of going out of town. I’ll keep you updated through this column of the progress and how much it may cost. We have had a lot of requests for recipes from the soup event and the York Uncorked event and so we are putting this together for you. Since we are going local we can customize it more and really make it something special.

I hope you will be a part of Yorkfest and the library book sale Thursday nights.

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