Here it is another week of staying at home.

It’s not that bad here. We have plenty of supplies and most importantly, we got haircuts this weekend!! I was so excited, I didn’t sleep much on Friday knowing full well that come morning, we would be in our familiar chair in Stromsburg getting our hair done.

Oh it was wonderful. Brie was by herself so we could both go in. After the shock of what we’ve become, she started work. I swear there were 10 pounds of hair when she was done with me. It felt great to not have a ton of product in my hair and all I would need to do is brush it in the morning….for a while at least. Bob skipped our last appointment so he was too looking a little shaggy but Brie performed her magic on him and once again he looked human. I felt lighter and went all weekend without product. It was strange to me to wear a mask for the hair cut but that’s our new normal.

The ladies I work with noticed my new do right away.I would have been disappointed if they hadn’t. Things have been picking up at the school production lunch line. I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is for any kid that lives in the York school district, regardless of your financial status. We just want to make sure every kid in our district is getting a breakfast and lunch, so please don’t hesitate taking advantage of this. I want to publically thank Starbucks for their generosity. Friday they brought everyone their choice of drink plus a pastry. Friday is when we have the most people working due to the upcoming weekend, so it was great getting their drinks and treats. We all appreciate it so much.

Also we have been giving away random gift cards from local businesses. What a nice surprise for those getting one. I want to thank McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Taco John’s for generously donating gift cards we can give away to the kids. They have been very thankful for the extra gift and it’s all because of the generosity of these businesses. They, along with Cornerstone Bank, Midwest Bank, Henderson State Bank, The Friends of the Library, The Western Edge, York Cold Storage and Charlies U-Shop Pharmacy have donated bags for us to use. This has been so welcomed and will keep us going for a while. If you are a business that can donate lunch sacks or gift cards to give away or want to help “water and feed” the help, contact me and I will make arrangements with you. Thank you in advance.

This last weekend was a weird Mother’s Day to say the least. I called my mom several times over the weekend and finally connected with her Sunday afternoon. I sent her a supply of Wolferman’s English Muffins from us but I hadn’t heard if she got them. She did and loves them. I asked if she was doing anything special for Mother’s Day. She had heard from my siblings but they won’t leave their homes so she wasn’t doing anything special. I wish I could have made it to Omaha to see her but no. I told her we were having Susan and her son Tommy over for dinner that night. It was a very nice evening and earlier that day the three of us delivered a huge metal pinecone from all the kids and grandkids. She loved it. Better than English muffins.

The dogs have been behaving except for McGee. He still gets out and will still go to a complete stranger more than us but thankfully we have great neighbors who know about his antics and will return us to him. Cletis the cat has been nicer. He loves getting to spend some time in our back yard. The dogs know when it’s time for him to come in and will chase him down and herd him to the backdoor. Once they get inside, it’s like a whole new cat. He stalks them and seeks revenge for cutting down his outdoor time. Overall they are great. Both dogs usually sleep with me and the cat will come in and sleep for a couple of hours before he leaves. The other night I left my window open and when I woke up, all three animals were snuggling up against me. I’d like to think it was because they like me but in reality they know it’s good to lay next to the giant human for warmth. I’ll take that as a win.

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