The Farmers Market starts on Thursday and I will have a booth. Full circle for me. I was on the committee who originally started York’s Farmers Market before I was Chamber director. At our peak, we had 80 vendors coming to the market. We were on the grounds of the courthouse and across the street…they were everywhere. We had a booth ourselves those first few seasons and it was a great gathering for the community. Things have settled down considerably since then, but the market is still a great thing for York to have. This year, due to the construction on the courthouse square, the Chamber has made arrangements with the Kilgore Memorial Library to utilize their green space for the market this year. I know the library is thrilled to have it there and it’s nice to be downtown again.

When I was Chamber director, the guidelines for the market was pretty loose. That’s when we came up with the idea that everything at the market should be homemade, homegrown or handmade. That put a lot of authenticity back to the market and those rules are still in place. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our local bakers, farmers and product makers to reach the public. It is in no way intended to take the place of our grocery stores in town, just a different opportunity for the consumer.

Since the market will take place on the grounds of the library, there will be a used book sale in conjunction with the market at the library. So after you’ve made your purchases, stop up at the library and check out the always changing selection of used books for sale. Speaking of the library, we had the official start of the summer reading program sign-up on Saturday. The Friends of the Library served free hot dogs and all the fixings to a nice crowd as our way of thanking them for signing up for the summer reading program. You can still sign up at the library — and it’s not just for kids. Adults can sign up as well.

The Friends of the Library is beginning to work on a project we’ve had requests for…we are putting together a Friends of the Library Cook Book. We have had lots of requests for recipes from the soup sale and the York Uncorked events, so we are beginning the process in hopes to have the book ready for sale during the soup sale and in time for holiday gift giving. We will be gathering recipes from our Friends of the Library members as well as photos, stories and other items for the book. Should be a fun project to work on.

I am very excited that my mom’s side of the family, all from New York, will be coming to Omaha for the College World Series. I haven’t seen many of them for years and a few for the first time. My brother and his family from Denver will be here as well. It was something my dad looked forward to every year. It was so much fun to go with him to the CWS and he loved brining his kids and then grandkids to watch. He would be very excited to see so many of the family gather together. Most of mom’s side of the family have not been to Nebraska before — so we are putting together some fun activities to do while they are here. My mom has just one nephew left. He and his family live in the Rochester area. Her brother, my Uncle Joe, came out one year before he passed away and just loved it. He was impressed with how friendly everyone was and I think he really thought he’d be flying into a cornfield. My grandma, on mom’s side, would fly out to Omaha from Queens almost every summer. It was great to spend time with her and she was nothing like my mom. Very polite, charming and great in the kitchen. She would make kolaches for us each summer and they were amazing.

To see the contrast between my mom’s mom and my dad’s dad was striking. Grandma Vavrina grew up in New York City and Grandpa Kirshenbaum, also known as Zayde, grew up in Russia and immigrated here. They both were wonderful and it was fun to get them together. Unfortunately, Zayde suffered from Alzheimers and the last summer they were together was a hard one. Bless Grandma’s heart for trying to keep an eye on Zayde, but it was too much for her.

Hope to see you at the Market this and every Thursday. Stop by and say hello. I’ll have some jams, jeelies, bread pudding and cheesecake for sale. I know what I’ll be doing the next few days.

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