One last weekend at the Nebraska State Fair is in the books.

I’ve been helping Bob staff the visitor bureau’s booth at the fair and this past weekend was the end. Overall people were pretty nice and there were a lot of them too. There were plenty of unusual sights and smells this year and our share of the dentally challenged once again. I think most folks were surprised to see us there. Besides us, the Sandhills Journey Byways, Burwell, North Platte and Ogallala were there. I couldn’t find the tourism commission but spoke to director John Ricks who said there was a mix up this year but they are working on something for next year. That’s good and we will wait and see.

I had a few opportunities to visit Melanie and Jerry at their booth during the Fair. Mel said the crowds were good and they have been very busy. Hope people got to sample their Ice Cream Peanut Butter on a stick, they were amazing. Thanks to the many who volunteered to promote the county, it is greatly appreciated.

Well, this Thursday we announce the new Yorkfest King and Queen. I’m glad to announce my display of the past Royalty is up at the Library. I have to add a few things but I’ve heard very nice things about it. I suggest you stop by the Library to see the display through next week. LaMoine Roth (the Queen) and I have been so thrilled to represent the community during the event last year and occasionally throughout the year. We follow a great tradition of those who were selected over the last 39 years. We all love York and want to promote it. I hope the new King and Queen will promote all of York County during the event this weekend, and be available through the year.

When I served as Executive Director, we kept the King and Queen busy during the event and throughout the year at events and parades. I hope the Chamber will use the King and Queen more often because it is a great honor.

This year we helped with the Czech Festival, the Holiday Event and at the Fair. It was great fun and I couldn’t have asked for a greater Queen to share this with. I knew LaMoine through her work at Adopt a Pet but I really got to know what a gem she is through this last year. For that I thank her. I also need to thank the Chamber staff for a great event and year. It was nice running into people throughout the year congratulating me. When I had my strokes it was especially nice to hear from people.

The Chamber has put together a great weekend of fun for the whole family. I hope you get a chance to reap the benefits of their efforts this weekend, starting Thursday night. There are plenty of activities for the whole family and with this being the 40th Yorkfest, it is going to be a great time. Thanks to all the sponsors for underwriting this event. It really takes so many to make a fun-filled, affordable event for the whole family. I am glad I am now a permanent part of the event, and I’ll help Mark Jensen announce most of the parade on Saturday. I hope you will come and be a part of this very envious event.

Thank you again for letting LaMoine and I represent you this past year!

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