Well, here it is week number one billion of this stupid virus.

The dogs are glad to see more of me, however, Cletus looks at me thinking, “Why are you here?” I know I’m taking time away from him jumping on the dogs but he will have to get used to it.

Things are going well at school. Some of the paras are starting to leave but new ones are coming on board. We are still averaging close to 500 breakfasts and lunches each day with double on the weekends. It’s all worth it because there is such a need for it in town. So we’ll keep on making the lunches and the paras will keep serving them until school starts. I was telling my teacher sister about our program and she is mighty impressed with what we are doing. She is a teacher in South Omaha but she lives in Elkhorn so it’s a whole routine for her to get a lunch. She decided that she doesn’t really need it so she feeds her son herself rather than going through all these steps when she doesn’t financially need it. She said it’s better to leave her meal for someone in OPS that needs it. She sends her kudos to York for doing this amazing job.

It was great seeing my family for Father’s Day and we celebrated the fathers who could be with us. There is one father who could not be with us and that was my own dad. I can’t believe it’s been four years since he passed. He was always a good sport on Father’s Day with the horrible gifts we gave him. It’s not the same for Mother’s Day. We still give Mom gifts she could really use but Dad always got ugly ties, things with felt on the bottom and he smiled and thanked us. He was always the first to call us on our birthdays. That is something I really miss about him.

The gardens are really taking off. I try to water and do minimal weeding each day and it’s really starting to look good. Bob’s plots are really doing nicely and he has already started reaping the bounty. Mine might take a while. That’s OK because it’s a lot of work but will be well worth it in the end. I don’t know how he does it all. He works all day and then finds plenty of time to take care of his plots plus all our yard work. I try to help but I get so winded easily. I water our gardens at home, that helps a bit and it’s not too taxing on me.

I have crossed that line between active youth and old man. I had a doctor’s appointment last week and told him I get really tired standing. He suggested compression socks and inserts for my shoes. I got both and they worked great. I hardly felt it, standing all day. I looked like a dork in shorts and these knee-high support socks. But I really don’t care because they feel good. My co-worker wears them (under her long pants) and told me there are some colorful wild compression socks I can get online, so I’ll see what I can find. Who knows, it might be a new fashion trend?

When it was being shown for the first time, I watched Friends every once in a while. I thought it was funny but I never watched a lot of it. My how things have changed! Now I am addicted to reruns of Friends. I watch it every afternoon and get a kick out of it. Everyone has their favorite and I think mine is Monica played by Courtney Cox. She developed this great character that played well off each of the other players. It’s a shame that Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) was the only one out of the five that won an Emmy Award for her portrayal. After watching re-runs, Courtney deserved it too. She added so many little quirks that were hilarious. Her character is a neat freak. She was always paranoid that things were just so at home. There is one episode where Ross was dating a very messy person. The show ended with her showing up at her door with her cleaning kit, introducing herself as Ross’s sister saying she had heard about it and couldn’t sleep knowing it was a mess and offering to do some cleaning. The woman was offended and slammed the door on her. Monica packed her stuff up and before leaving, washed the woman’s front door. Classic!

I’m not that obsessive about anything but it’s fun to watch. My sister has loved Friends since it began so now that I am a convert, we text each other about a certain episode and just laugh. Our younger brother is highly amused by this. He thought my obsession with The Big Bang Theory was silly but he is now a convert. I’m so proud. Bazinga!!

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