Here we go again -- another week at home trying to make it in a world that is topsy-turvy to say the least.

Coronavirus finally made it to York County and by the time this is published, I’m sure we’ll have more than one case. It’s all around us and closing in.

My hands are so raw from washing them about a million times a day. It could be worse…we could be in NEW York now.

I’m very proud of the work our law enforcement has done along with the nurses and doctors putting their lives on the line every day. We need to salute the truck drivers who are keeping us well stocked here and also to the grocery store and pharmacy staff who deal with us crabby people day in and day out. It’s hard to remember everyone who needs to be thanked but you know who you are and on behalf of a weary town….thank you!

Hats off to Madonna and her staff at the Chamber along with Parks and Rec and the Holthus Convention Center who attempted to hold a community drive-in movie this weekend. What a great idea! This was not something they just threw together at the last minute. The community’s health was far out in front of this event. Many experts were contacted to make this a fun community event. Unfortunately the weather played a part in the postponement of the event. Rest assured it will come back. It is just what we need to give a little relief to a town like York. Other communities have done this all with public health taken as a major part. It was going to be a safe event for the whole family and will be back.

I want to thank Midwest Bank, Cornerstone Bank and Henderson State Bank for donating paper sacks for us to use in making over 500 sack lunches each day at the Middle School. We are turning into a well-oiled machine at the school thanks to Betty, my boss. She does all the food ordering and scheduling each day for us. I am lucky she tapped me to help every other day. I have been mostly getting the carrot sticks and other veggies ready for the lunch sacks. As I mentioned last time, we couldn’t do it without the help of other co-workers, school administrators, teachers and parents who give up their time to put these together.

We just learned the school will be closed the rest of this semester and we will continue to feed the masses until late May. I do feel bad for all the seniors who have worked so hard this year and suddenly have to miss out on all the festivities. I’m glad they picked a couple of dates (hopefully when this is all through) for graduation. Until then, I want to congratulate all the seniors on a great year —even if it didn’t end up what you originally planned. We are proud of the work you have done and I wish it would have been different.

One thing I have done is make a lot of food at home. I’ve tried several new recipes these last few weeks.

I have been bonding with the animals too. Even Cletus, the cat from hell, has been tolerable. He looks at me thinking “What are you still doing here?” The dogs at least still like that I am home. I spend quite a bit of time playing with them and I try to pet the cat as often as I can. He has been coming into my room each night to sleep with me for a while. He doesn’t bother the dogs while they are asleep on my bed because he knows I will yell at him if he does. They are eating like kings. I know I shouldn’t give them people food but it’s hard not to.

I talk to my mom a couple of times a week just to say hello. She still continues to be crabby about the virus but at least she stays home.

I got a note from my sister-in-law in Arizona the other day. It must be tough on her being cooped up with my brother day in and day out. I feel bad for them for not seeing their grandson back in Omaha but I guess they do Facetime with my nephew and his wife which is good.

My sister in Omaha has been home for several weeks. She was cleaning her closet when I talked to her this past weekend. I didn’t know how bad it was until she sent me a picture of her closet. Then my younger brother got on the same thread. He was ruthless with her and the picture she sent was outrageous. There were clothes with the tags still on them and shoeboxes filled with shoes, it was amazing. She has a good sense of humor about things but Lord, what a mess. Good thing she has a very understanding husband but my brother -- wow. It’s very funny to hear the things he has to say and she takes it and once in a while tries to defend herself.

We still try to have at least one meal out each day because I know what our restaurants are going through. I don’t want to preach but anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. I know it’s not ideal, but pick-up services keep their staff safe and lets you support them at the same time.

We will all get through this soon and we can slowly get back to a regular life. Until then, please stay home.Wash your hands and most importantly, be kind to one another.

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