This WAS my favorite time of year…TV’s new season!

It was something I looked forward to for years. I knew it was finally here when I would get the TV Guide with a review of last year’s shows and the following week — the NEW season.

I looked forward to it all summer long. I would get little shimmers from my dad who worked in a TV station. He predicted the new Candice Bergan (Murphy Brown) was something to watch (he was right) and the new Charlie’s Angel was so-so (he was right again). Now that he is gone, I don’t get his insider information anymore. I have to listen to others and hear rumors like everyone else.

It’s much harder now with more networks and we have so many choices than we use to. I remember, while growing up, I would really look forward to how the Brady kids have changed over the summer and the Saturday morning line-up was just as exciting as Prime Time.

My sister and I would fight over who got to pick what to watch since we only had one black and white TV growing up. We agreed on most shows but the real battle was for breakfast! We would pick which cereal to enjoy in front of the TV. We had our favorites (me, Count Chocula; hers was Lucky Charms). It really depended on what was IN the cereal boxes which counted. Back then it seemed like every cereal box had some sort of toy in it. I was really into the toys. I remember getting all four of the Banana Splits hand puppets and many mail-in items from Quisp including a spinning cap and the stuffed Quisp. I can only imagine how much those items are worth today.

I had a birthday party when I was five where my mom had decorated the garage into the Bat Cave. Batman was on TV at the time and we were all enthralled with it. Mom went to Grants Department Store (remember Grants?) and bought Batman mugs for all who came to the party. Mom still has my Batman mug proudly displayed in the cabinet at home. I made the mistake of telling her that same mug is worth $50 today. She now has it on lock and key. I found one on eBay for $25 along with a matching Robin mug she originally passed on. I now have the set all to myself.

Today we have too many choices to make on TV, that’s why this coming Sunday’s Emmy Awards are so hard to predict. Back in the day, Don Knotts would win four years in a row for playing Barney on the Andy Griffith Show. Today we all hold our breath if Julia Louis-Dreyfus will win again. I don’t even know who is nominated this year. Oh well. Congrats in advance, Julia.

Members of the Friends of the Library will be receiving their letter from me on our new cookbook. We have a short amount of time to get the recipes to me so I implore our members to act quickly so we can get the new FOL cookbook before Christmas time.

I got my invitation to attend the High Holidays in Omaha this season. My cousin’s son and his wife are hosting a lunch for the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) and I agreed to pick my mom up and bring bread pudding. Then my Aunt Maxine invited us to break-the-fast for Yom Kippur (the Jewish Day of Atonement) at hers and my Uncle Joe’s home. This was something my dad looked forward to the most and the food is amazing. I can see why he wanted the holidays to be here. I don’t know what to make but I’ll probably stick to some sort of dessert for the gathering. It will be so nice to see my relatives again. I haven’t really seen my extended family since I had my strokes, even though I’ve heard from them this summer. Seeing them in person will be nice. My cousin Corey lives in Minneapolis with this wife and he eats his way through the Minnesota State Fair. This year he included a stop to the Iowa State Fair, so we have much to talk about!

I’m getting a little worried about my mom’s hearing. She really struggles with her ancient cellphone and hearing what I say. It could be the phone but I think it’s her hearing. Dad started losing his hearing years ago and he always pointed to my mom yelling about something and would say, “Do I want to really hear that?” I saw his point. Sometimes when my mom, my sister and her daughter are arguing at the same time, it really is something to hear but I don’t recommend it.

I talked to Mom last week and she is very happy to hear that there are many looking out for me at work. I am lucky that I work with some wonderful people at the Middle School. They are always telling me to sit down and get a drink all the time. I guess if I can’t have my mom watching out for me, this is the next best thing.

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