What a week it’s been!

As you read this, you’ll think “that’s not much of a week,” but for someone who has gone through several medical problems, it is quite a week.

It started Tuesday when I volunteered to help set up the baked goods for the fair. It is a tedious task but a necessary one. It was a full day and made me realize how many people work at our fair. I double booked myself and forgot I had signed up to volunteer at Wessels at the same time. Thanks to additional volunteers, they covered for me. I went to Wessels the next day to take a shift. While it wasn’t that busy, it gave me time to visit with Bobbi, the director.

I met the next morning at the Chamber for Ambassadors and will make additional calls this week to make our arrangements. It was good to get caught up with Dave Hying who has had quite a year for himself, but glad to report he’s doing great. Next, I had to help get ready for catering for a class reunion. It was busy but I did my share (although it was a lot of last minute things) but we get things delivered and helped set things up. I hope it was a success. I missed my own 40th class reunion in Omaha due to the stroke.

We got a chance to all meet who will be working at the school cafeterias in a few weeks. I originally was chosen to be on call, but was quickly given a chance to work as a “Lunch Lady” at the Middle School while a co-worker was on sick leave. It was a lot of fun and I made some great friends with the other staff. I was hired to take the place of someone who retired at the end of the year. I’ll be the head cook at the Middle School soon and am working to slowly get my strength back by the time school starts. I’ll need some assistance along the way, but I’m so grateful for the job!

Speaking of Omaha, I went there to see my family in between all of this. The occasion was my younger brother and his family from Colorado was in town. The whole family gathered at Johnny Sortinos except my nephew Nick and his family. I mostly sat there and marveled at this group of people I am related to. My sister and brothers have all kept in touch with me as my mom has too. It really makes me feel better to know they are there. The biggest inspiration had been two homemade cards I have on the fridge made by my two youngest nephews. They are very special to me and I made sure I told each of them thanks for thinking of me.

I don’t have any Mom stories for you since she was on very good behavior this weekend. It was so fun to see my two brothers interact especially when my mom chimed in. I just sat and laughed. I drove home after a tearful good-bye, knowing they are thinking of me. I got home that night and thanked Bob for calling me a couple of times on this first venture on my own.

Sunday, there were two visits to the fair. The first was with the Queen (LaMoine) at the Pee Wee Animal Show. Thankfully it was in air conditioning and we represented the community well. After several hours, we had to pick up our award winning stuff at the fair. Each year Bob enters a bunch of our stuff at the fair and we won a few categories. We picked up our ribbons, products and prize money. Next year I will help more in getting the foods set up.

Our reign as Yorkfest King and Queen is quickly coming to a close and soon we will be announcing our replacements. This year the candidates’ names are omitted from their descriptions to make the voting equal. We will see how this works but regardless, you can vote for a king and a queen to represent York. LaMoine and I will announce our replacements soon and then be considered past king and queen. It’s been a great honor and we are both looking forward to the 40th Yorkfest celebration.

Speaking of Yorkfest, I can’t believe it is coming so soon. I will be putting up a display at our library this month. I want to thank the public and former kings and queens for loaning some props. I just hope I do it justice. The Chamber has put together a great agenda for Yorkfest this year and I hope you get a chance to participate in some of the activities.

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