Well, it has been quite the last couple of weeks!

As you may have heard, I did suffer two mini-strokes. The first, they think, happened several weeks ago but I didn’t realize it happened. Looking back, nothing really happened but I did forget about a work shift which is very unlike me. The second must have happened at the Farmers Market.

I have a booth at the market but I was slurring my words quite a bit that night. Quite a few noticed that something was wrong, but I didn’t realize it at the time, Deb Robertson, Librarian, was so concerned that she asked someone to bring me a chair and she thought she should call someone. Since Susan Cox was on her board and she is Bob’s sister. She called her in Colorado, who called Bob and said you better get Todd to a doctor. Bob came down to the market and said it was time to go to the Emergency Room. I fought against that but something must have told me he was right.

I helped move all my stuff in his car and get in for the ride up to the Emergency room. He was scheduled to go to Peru the next day and Evelyn Campbell helped convince him I would be alright and he should leave. I must say the staff at the Hospital was great. Everyone from the nurses to the doctors were very kind and thoughtful to me the whole time. They ran all sorts of tests and determined that I had indeed had two strokes over a week’s time. I thought it was as simple as heat exhaustion since I took four saline solutions during my two days at the hospital. I had several bottles of water at the Market and I didn’t realize I was as thirsty as I was.

Bob reluctantly left for a week in Peru leaving me in the helpful hands of Evelyn! I don’t know what I would have done without her. To make things even more challenging, we had a catering this weekend! I spent two nights at the Hospital doing tests and taking saline solutions. In the meantime, I had relatives from New York that came for the College World Series along with my brother and his family from Colorado. My sister and most of her family, my brothers family from Colorado and my mom came down to take me back home. It was an emotional time but so nice.

I want to take this time, before I pass out, to thank so many of you for the best wishes and some in particular. My neighbor Pat was going to Wisconsin for a week and I could tell she was worried but she went anyway. My neighbors across the street, Jeanne and Charlie Campbell checked on me and especially my neighbors Andrew and Brenda Hills stopped over most days to see how I was. Their daughter Ashley, even cut our lawn. My neighbor Michelle down the street, came to visit me, and I got dozens of emails wishing me well. Madonna stopped with flowers as did Sue Ann Romohor. Sue Curran was staying down the aisle and she stopped in several times to see how things were going.

I’ve heard every day from my mom, my sister and both brothers as well as Evelyn. Bob called most every day from Peru until he got home last Saturday. Susan writes every day from Estes and Evelyn stopped every day that Bob was gone. I was told that Bob and I were the first to offer help and it was my turn to relax and let other people to take care of me. Great advice from my dear friend Annie.

I apologize that this is a rather short column but I am tired right now. I want to thank everyone who sent any sort of note. I will try to write a better column next week as I get stronger. I told the Chamber I would get my walker and collect money for the Firecracker Frenzy and they wisely told me to enjoy the show. The catering went well thanks to Evelyn and Bob had a great trip. He got back safe and sound. I don’t know if I’ll make it this week to the Farmers Market or not I get really tired. Thank you for thinking good thoughts for me, it means the world to me!

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