2020 continues to be a challenge for me.

Not for any health reasons, I just can’t get used to writing 2020 on things. I’m sure that will leave soon but until then, I apologize in advanced to anyone who has a document from me that requires the date on it.

Congratulations to Madonna and company at the Chamber for hosting a successful Ag Expo this last weekend. Next up is the Chamber Banquet where I officially turn over the duties of Ambassador Chair to my good friend Sue Ann Rohomr. It’s a fun time for all when we recognize outstanding efforts this past year. We will award the top 10 Ambassadors (based on attendance points). Since I was Chair this year, I don’t get any points, but watch out next year!

After the Chamber Banquet, next up is the Home and Garden Show at the Holthus Convention Center. I hope you get a chance to come out and see all the vendors waiting to talk to you about projects around the home and garden this year. Best of all, it’s free to attend. You don’t see that in Lincoln or Grand Island.

We officially de-Christmassed the house. Lights were carefully gathered and filed for next year. Cletus will find something new to torture us with. I’ve noticed that he has been getting extra aggressive towards the dogs. With his sharp claws (he uses our furniture to sharpen them by even though we bought several items he can use for that purpose), the dogs do fear him. We try to run interference between them, but he seems to get to them.

I promised Bob I wouldn’t mention his birthday until later this month but it’s a monumental one for him. When I tell people how old he is, people don’t believe it because he does not look his age. It should be a quiet one for him and I have a short time for shopping for him, but I’m sure it will be good. I’d tell you what I plan to get him, but he reads this column, so mums the word from me.

I’m writing this column a day before the nominations are announce for the Oscars, but I’m really far behind on my movie watching. We use to have an Oscar party here, but we haven’t done that in years. We tried to plan the food around the movies that were up that year. When A Beautiful Mind was up (and it won Best Picture), we took a mannequin head, carved it out and served dip out of it. When Titanic was up (and it won Best Picture), we carved a boat out of cantaloupe, broke it in half and floated it in an aquarium of blue Kool-Aid. It was more of a showpiece rather than a food. Lord of the Rings became Lord of the Wings (we could serve that three years with The Return of the King finally winning Best Picture the third year). I don’t know what will be nominated on Monday, but I will get the list and start making plans for the movies.

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