Happy New Year! Hard to believe it is now 2020.

I haven’t written any checks yet so we’ll see if I remember when it comes to writing 2020.

We spent a very unmemorable New Year’s Eve. We had a very delicious meal at the Chances R, home by 8 p.m., and sound asleep by 11 p.m. I was very proud that I made it that late considering I’m usually asleep by 9:30.

The New Year came and went. Growing up there was usually a horror movie on my dad’s station (KMTV) and I could stay up that night until midnight. I’d flip the porch light on and off and then head to bed.

I stopped making resolutions years ago…they would usually last a month at the most and then I’m back to my old habits. I didn’t see any reason to make new ones this year. I vowed to lose weight last year and I did that through the Keto program. I lost 40 pounds through that. Then came the stroke and I got off the diet. I gained some weight back, but have kept most of it off. My sister was convinced the diet had something to do with the stroke, but the doctors assured me it didn’t. I haven’t gone back to it yet, but I may again come swimsuit season.

I have gained a nasty cold though, just in time to head back to school. I’m on a lot of medications for my stroke and cold medicine (which I did check I could take with my existing meds), so I hope they don’t counter each other out.

This past weekend we de-holidayed the house and the yard. Everything is packed up and ready for next year. Cletus the cat didn’t bother any of Bob’s ornaments although he learned how to pry the tags off the gifts. The dogs have been good. One of the gifts I got was an invisible fence for the front yard to keep McGee from fleeing from us. We are depending on Bob’s nephew Tommy to advise us on the right fence and even said he would help us install it (bless his heart). McGee managed to run away a couple of times during the holidays and I told him the next time he runs away, to keep running — straight to Adopt a Pet. He doesn’t seem scared. Little snot.

My nephew Ryan is spending a couple of weeks in Europe with his buddies. I’m really proud he scrimped and saved for years for this trip and it sounds like it’s going well so far. I’m really surprised my sister is so calm about her little baby (he’s 23) is going to Europe. She won’t fly overseas because she’s afraid of…everything. Ryan has never been a bold person, but he has been focused on this trip for two years. I hope he has a great and safe time (that’s the uncle speaking). I’m very anxious to hear all about the trip.

This past holiday season really went fast. I know Thanksgiving was late this year and threw everything off balance. The shopping season was cut short, but I hope it was a good one for all our retailers. While I’m a little sad that York Jewelry is closing for good (don’t blame them a bit), I hope the Taylor family realizes how crucial they were to bring people TO York to shop. I hope they have a great retirement.

Someone is having a very important birthday on the 21st. I promised not to make a big fuss and I won’t. Let’s just say he CAN retire on his birthday now, but no pressure from me. Also on the 21st, my duties as Chairman of the Chamber Ambassadors comes to an end as I officially give over the reins to Sue Ann Romohr as Chair. I will still be active with the group…this time on my own terms. I know Sue Ann will represent the Ambassadors with class. It is in very good hands!

What does 2020 have in store for me? Who knows? 2019 was not the best year for me. I just hope it’s a good one. I really shouldn’t complain. I have a roof over my head, good family and friends, a job I like and great co-workers. My health is getting better (despite my current cold), so I should be content with that. Maybe I should just leave it at that and wish you a great 2020!

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