Another Soup Sale is in the books.

This past weekend we held our annual Souper Soup Sale at the Kilgore Memorial Library to benefit the library, and it was a great success. We once again sold out before noon and our other vendors did well.

We couldn’t do the sale without the generous help of so many people. Special thank yous go out to Warren Thomas from Grand Central Foods for donating the containers and lids for the sale, and to Max Lichti from Lichtis TV & Appliance Center for loaning us the great freezers for the sale. We also couldn’t do this sale without the help of our own members of the Friends of the Library for making and freezing over 200 quarts of soup. We also had generous help from several restaurants in the county for donating soup. Thanks to The Chances R, Kerry’s of McCool, Offsides, Hunters Lounge in Waco and special thanks to Pat and Karen Leach, formerly of PK’s in Benedict, for making soup. I also need to thank my boss, Betty, for donating soup as well.

We had several organizations and individuals have booths on Saturday including The Smokey Lassies, Wessels Living History Farm, Kerri Naber and Kent Bedient. We also had tremendous results for used cookbooks sold by the library. If you didn’t get a catch the books, they are still for sale at the library for just $1 per book. Just stop down and pick up a copy. Best of all, the proceeds goes towards the library. We are still totaling the profits, but at last count we were well over $2,000 towards the library. Amazing. Last of all I want to thank you for coming and spending some money with us and our sponsors.

Speaking of the library, the Santa House is set up and the little elves at the Chamber will be busy getting it set up for Kris Kringle this week. The first day Santa will be there is this Saturday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. He will be back on Thursday nights from 5-7 p.m., and again on Saturday afternoons from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. A special thank you goes out to the Yorkfest King and Queens for helping out when Santa is there. Special thanks goes out to Deb Robertson from the library and Madonna Mogul from the Chamber for making all the arrangement for Santa. Please bring the kids down to see the big guy.

Shop Small Saturday was a big success despite the weather. I talked to Madonna from the Chamber and she told me there was quite a bit of foot traffic downtown. I know we could see at the library that we had the traffic too. We encouraged folks to shop locally and the Chamber staff sent quite a few to us. I talked to several business owners in York and they told me we had great sales in York.

We had the opportunity to stop at Goody Pop in downtown York. What a great place! They did great business on Saturday, their first day, and sales were quite good for them. We bought birthday cake and white cheddar and they were both delicious. I highly encourage you to stop there and pick up a bag or two — you won’t be disappointed. Good luck to them and hope they are around for a long time.

I didn’t get to Omaha for Thanksgiving due to the weather. We got invited to Dr. and Judi Nordland’s for dinner that day. Their children couldn’t get to York so they had a ton of food. It was so good and we had a great time with Gail Nordlund and Tom and Susan Cox, so thank you Nordlands for a delightful afternoon.

Mom was disappointed we couldn’t get to Omaha but she was glad we were safe and had a place to go. I’m sure there were good stories at my sister’s home, but it was not worth taking a chance on getting stuck. I will take a cheesecake and breakfast casserole to my sister this weekend so that will be nice. I’m sure we will still have great stories to share.

Cletus, the Cat from Hell, has been cautious of the Christmas Tree Bob put up. The first tree had a bunch of lights out (wonder how that happened) so we got a new tree. This weekend he got the tree decorated and I must say it looks great. So far Cletus has kept his distance from the tree. Maybe it’s the new squirt gun we got that scares him away? Who knows? He is just a year old and still has kitten in him but he has cautiously kept his distance. We will wait and see.

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