Well, I survived spending all day with my family and I’ll go back for more.

Friday, since it was parent-teacher conferences at the Middle School, I went to Omaha and had lunch with most of the family. My younger brother from Denver was in town for some meetings and then the game on Saturday. I decided to pick up Mom even though she could see the restaurant across the street from her house.

I knew I was in for a great lunch when I got to her house and found the front door unlocked and ajar, but the glass door in front of the front door was locked. I rang the bell several times with no luck. Thinking back, I knew Mom couldn’t hear the doorbell from inside her bathroom. I then called her -- she let me in, we chatted a bit and then got in my car for the 2-minute ride to the restaurant across the street. My sister and my nephew (who also had a day off because of parent-teacher conferences) were there and my brother from Denver closely followed us.

The first thing my mom said was that she wanted no Romano cheese on her pizza. We tried to explain that all the pizzas had the blend of cheeses on the pizza, but she had her mind made up, so we got her a small cheese pizza and called it good. The food was really good and it was fun to get caught up. Then Mom piped up to say our cousin Tony from California couldn’t make the dinner that night until an hour and a half later than usual which would have made dinner starting at 7:30-8:00 which was too late for me.

During lunch, we had a conversation on being judgmental and my mom announced (quite proudly) that she was not opinionated in the least. Even my 10-year-old nephew looked up from his tablet and said “Grandma…you are very opinionated.” My mom argued that she wasn’t opinionated…it’s just that she is right….end of story. We tried to convince her that she is opinionated but it wasn’t any good arguing with her.

We went to my sister’s house to continue the conversation after I dropped Mom off.

“Can you believe her?” asked my sister. We knew better.

Then we started talking about how my brother gave my sister four tickets to the College World Series last summer since he couldn’t use them. My sister heard that people would pay a lot for those tickets but she didn’t know how to sell them. She asked my brother to sell them and give her the money! She couldn’t believe he said no.

My sister recently won tickets to a Husker game and my brother said, “Why don’t you give them to me and if I can’t use them then I’ll sell them.”

My sister thought she should split the profits with him and he said, “If you give them to me, they are mine.”

She couldn’t understand this logic even after he tried to compare the two different ticket scenarios with her, but it wouldn’t sink in. I heard the name “Joan Clone” used several times (Mom’s name is Joan). But she didn’t see why she was being compared to her mother. My head was spinning at all of this but I just sat back and laughed at them. I’ll go back to Omaha for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) and I’m sure there will be stories next week.

I am starting to bond with my cat, Cletus. He voluntarily jumped on my lap and let me pet him. I don’t know how long this new found love will last, but I don’t have any wounds right now. It just amazes me that the last two cats I had (Newman and Howard) are different species than Cletus. The other cats were so nice, loved to groomed by humans and they played with our dogs. Not Cletus. He stalks the dogs and Bob and I and loves to attack us and we’ve got the marks to prove it. I’d like to say he is getting nicer, but that would be a lie. Although he has moments of being nice, they are few and far between.

Oh well. It just takes some time to bond with him. I mostly try to ignore him when he gets in a fighting mood but he really picks on the dogs and they are not mean enough to fight back. But they are learning.

Now that the new TV season is well under way, I tried watching a few new shows. I’ll give another week before I cast judgment but the ones I like so far are “The Prodigal Son,” “Evil,” and “Carol’s Second Act” which I managed to catch along with some returning favorites. As far as the big screen is concerned, I’m anxious to see “Downtown Abbey.” I watched it on NET and loved it. I’ve heard it is much more on the big screen so I’ll let you know what I thought in the next few weeks.

I finally got a letter to the past Kings and Queens form Yorkfest in the mail regarding some help in December at Santa’s Hut and the recipes have really started coming in for the new Friends of the Library’s cook book. I’ve got some time still to submit them to our printer and I know there are still some more to come in. We hope to have it in time for the holiday season…which should make a great present.

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