I didn’t realize how much I must love my job because the other day I got ready for work and was worried about Bob.

He usually gets up before me and he was still asleep. I crept into his room and asked him if he overslept? He said, “No, it’s Sunday!” I thought about it and he was right… it was Sunday. I don’t know if it’s my advanced age or the onset of Alzheimers but I completely forgot about Sunday! I would have looked stupid going into work and no one was there.

Well, I have officially started my last year of the 50’s and it is weird. I never thought I would get this old but here I am. It was so nice to get greetings from friends and family for my birthday on Facebook. I was really surprised on Friday at work when I get this great homemade cobbler and a card from the folks at work. Things are good at work. I went from part time to almost full time in June. I still need to find a part time job so I’m working full time. It would be nice to a have benefits… but baby steps.

It’s good to see things are slowly getting back to normal. We went and ate INSIDE Kerry’s in McCool and it was amazing! Great to see the staff and the food was of course, fantastic. More and more restaurants and stores are opening. We will still have restrictions and it is something we all can get through. Keeping distance, wearing masks outside in public are the new normal. My hands are raw from all the hand washing both at work and home. I guess it’s better to be clean than not.

One thing I missed on my birthday was the phone call first thing in the morning from my dad. He got in the habit of wanting to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. That was very sweet on his part. I found out that he also collected a newspaper for me on my birthday but they were “accidently” thrown out when my folks moved. He clearly didn’t tell my mom about it because she just saw a bundle of papers and threw them out. I would have liked to see them, but oh well.

I finally picked the crops to go in my plot. I chose 5 different types of tomatoes, cucumbers, dill and 5 different types of peppers. The thing I did not plant was weeds. There are a ton of weeds. I spend a lot of time putting down mulch to kill them, pulling them out by their horrible roots and watering it (the crops not the weeds). It’s a lot of work but all those who have plots do the same thing and they look great. I also spend each day we don’t have any rain watering the stuff we have growing at home. I get a little tired doing it and it doesn’t help that its Africa hot out here. I noticed there’s a possibility of rain, that will help.

I’m keeping busy at home doing a little cooking and baking. We got a bread maker and I see lots of homemade bread in our future. I might buy mixes because you can’t find yeast to save your life. I’ve always wanted to learn how to bake bread but chickened out. I made bagles and Challah bread (a Jewish egg bread that makes the best French Toast, but that has been years ago. This is the time to do it since I’m home so often.

I’ve always had this dream of having my own restaurant and featuring foods that my Aunts perfected. Items like Blintzes, Kugel (a noodle pudding), brisket, Matza Ball Soup. I’d like to say my mom contributed lots of foods like this, but she didn’t. She did make great meatloaf but my dad was strictly a meat and potatoes kind of guy and consequently dumbed my mom’s cooking down. I was proud of him for trying new types of food towards the end of this life. He tried and liked Chinese food. Mom still doesn’t like it but I think it’s more of a Coronavirus thing.

Growing up we had a set schedule for dinner. It never varied for years. It’s not like mom worked or anything, so she had the time. Mondays were hamburgers, Tuesday was spaghetti, Wednesdays was meatloaf, Thursdays was some sort of pasta creation, Fridays was fishsticks. The weekends were a little different. Saturdays was grilled cheese and tomato soup and Sundays we went out. Usually Mr. Steak but this is when we were introduced to pizza, steak and fried chicken. As I try to plan every other dinner I’m stuck. I have to hand it to my mom for doing this. Even though it was a tradition, it was a lot of work.

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