Well, recipes for the Friends of the Library’s new cookbook have been slowly trickling in and I expect this next week they will come in stronger.

I turn everything over to York Printing Company on Oct. 1 and hopefully we will have enough for a book we can have by the Souper Soup Sale the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but we will see.

Speaking of the library, there is one more Farmers Market, held at the library’s grassy area on this Thursday starting at 5 p.m. I don’t know if they have decided to use the library grounds again in 2020, but I’d vote YES on returning. The grounds at the courthouse is reduced with the new addition and I think it’s doing pretty good on the library grounds.

I’ll have a letter to the past Kings and Queens of Yorkfest to go out this week asking for help for my Santa gig in December. This has nothing to do with the great job Dan and Evie Barrett have done as Mr. and Mrs. Claus all these years. In fact they will be back for the Chamber’s Holiday Kick Off and several other engagements they have. The Chamber wants to have Santa on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons during December, so they have asked me to do it. With the help of the Yorkfest Royalty (not part of their regular duties), we should be ready for the kids. It will be nice to use the FFA Santa Hut for my visits and it will be placed on the library’s grassy area. Watch for more details.

I hope the weather continues to cool down and we have a good autumn again before winter sneaks in. The cool spell this weekend was a treat and the farmers around our area can start their harvest. The fact that a freeze will kill all the insects is not lost on me. I can’t wait. It was nice to have the windows open Sunday to let some cooler fresh air in the house. The big problem is with the dogs. Now everyone can hear when a leaf blows by because the dogs lose their minds. It also gets me ready for Halloween!

I’ve already bought my first bag of Halloween candy, which will go to the kitchen at the middle school for a while. Growing up I started thinking early about my own costume for Halloween. It had to be original, scary and flexible. I would spend hours on my creation only to be ruined by my mom by having to wear my winter jacket over it! I learned ditching spots for my coat just to gather it back before getting home. My sister would lock herself in her room and divide her candy into different slots.

The first was the most coveted one. It contained full size candy bars and homemade popcorn balls. It was small but oh so good. The second one was your everyday candy, usually in bite size pieces and was a good size group. The last group was that of the disposable ones. They were the Circus Peanuts and the orange and black wrapped peanut flavored something she didn’t mind parting with. As I’ve told you before, my older brother and I would sneak into her room and take items from Groups 1 and 2 but never the third bunch. Granted, we had our own supply, but since she was the younger sister, her batch was our batch. She would wail the next day and my folks just rolled their eyes. I asked my sister if her kids steal each other’s loot and she said it was the opposite at her house…her daughter did most of the snatching of candy.

I have always loved the classic monster movies we got to see around Halloween. Classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy and The Wolfman were all guaranteed to be shown during October. I can’t imagine how scary they must have been on the Big Screen in the 40s but they seem tame compared to the blood and gore we see today. Still, they bring back great memories of watching them with my dad way past my bedtime. I was scared back then but also safe under a blanket, next to my dad. MeTV is showing the original Dracula this weekend. You bet I’ll be watching it, missing my dad.

I’ll be going to Omaha twice this weekend. My nephew Tony will be back from California and my younger and older brothers will be there on Friday. Then I’ll be coming back for a Rosh Hashana Lunch on Monday. That’s the Jewish New Year and my cousin Teresa hosts a lunch for the family that day. A week or so later I’ll be coming back to my Aunt Maxine and Uncle Joe’s for Yom Kippur break the fast. This was one my dad looked forward to the most. My aunt is a marvelous cook and it shows. We fast the day before because it is the Day of Atonement and ask for forgiveness of everything we did wrong the year long. Both are beautiful holidays and true signs of autumn!

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