Before I get into my Giant Hair, I wanted to update you an a few things.

The count for April has been made at the middle school kitchen. We’ve served a whopping 12,409 meals in April. That exhausts me for a good reason, that’s a lot of food! It’s a team effort to do this. We have our regular kitchen staff putting the food together and a team of mostly paras, teachers and parents that are assembling the to-go orders and putting the meals in cars. It’s a pretty smooth operation. Overall our leader is Betty and she is responsible for ordering all the food, scheduling the staff and serve as a liaison with the public and she does a fantastic job while keeping us all motivated and pumped for the job.

I have this habit of rolling my eyes at work….mostly at Betty. She came up with a way for me to stop this behavior, she fines me a quarter each time I do it. At this rate she should have her car paid off by the end of summer. I mentioned this to Bob at home and he really liked the idea. At this rate I’ll be broke soon!

I want to thank Don Barr from York’s Western Edge for donating plastic bags to our efforts. The staff really likes them and it helps streamline the production. Also, the nice folks at Starbucks will be bringing the staff refreshments this week and our friends at KFC gave us coupons for a free children’s meal to give to each kid. That’s great. All these donations really help us do our job and we thank you most sincerely!

Now, my hair. It is so big right now there isn’t enough hair gel to help me. I’ve been called Kramer many times because I have his wild hair. But, help is on the way. I got an email from my friend Brie who cuts our hair. She is open again and would we like to make an appointment? If I could have jumped through my phone, I would have. After some arrangement, we are on for Saturday. I can’t wait. Even though I wear a hat at the school, there are many time I would like to go capless, but until I get this mane under control, its ball cap anytime I leave the house.

Speaking of big hair, I want to wish my sister Kerry a Happy Birthday. If anyone gladly showed off her big hair, she wins the prize. I remember watching in awe her getting ready for school each day and working so hard on her hair. While it’s not as big as it used to be (it had its own zip code), it’s still pretty big. She has to scoot down in the movie theater so she doesn’t block any views.

I’m still trying to decide what to plant in our garden which drives Bob crazy. He has been planting things for a while and asks me each day what I’m going to plant. I just don’t know. Bob has been gardening for 25 years. I just reap the rewards. As a gift he bought me my own plot with the NRD. We’ve been putting yard clippings on the edges but so far, mine is not planted. I want something that I will eat and enjoy growing. That leaves tomatoes and cucumbers. Maybe it’s all that I will plant. That’s the nice thing of having my own plot. Stay tuned.

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