We are in a weird time with the coronavirus taking over our lives.

Personally, we were on spring break at school and I was informed that kids won’t be in on Tuesday, too. I hope it doesn’t get worse. I’m on shaky financial ground now and without a steady income coming in, I don’t know what I’ll do. I know I can do whatever is needed for our community. That means going to our local restaurants and businesses as long as they are open. It’s not much but many of our small businesses live on a small margin of success in the best of times, we can’t let them suffer if we can.

We are somewhat insulated here but it sounds like it’s just a matter of time before it gets here in numbers that are quite high. I talked to my mom over the weekend and she is paranoid beyond belief. She has grouped all folks from China as evil and you can’t tell her anything, so I just let her rant and hope she keeps things in the family and not out to the public.

I admit that we fell for the toilet paper shortage like others did. We have a good supply here and hope it gets better. It is so strange to see store shelves empty of certain things. I haven’t witnessed growly people at the stores and hope it doesn’t get to that point. People have been nice at the stores…for now. It is kinda’ scary having Camp Ashland so close but I also have faith that those involved will take extra care with those affected.

I think there are a lot of unsung heroes out there doing their jobs to protect us. I’m thinking of the doctors and nurses working hard out there. They are on the front line for us. Thanks also for the folks who do the cleaning and trash removal too. Truck drivers are so important to us as well. We wouldn’t receive the goods we need without them. Take a moment and thank these people when you can.

It’s a whole new world for all of us. The Leadership York leadership chose to postpone the Flavors of York event until later this spring. I know it’s a huge disappointment for the people planning this but hopefully we will have it later. Stay tuned for an update.

There are other events this busy spring that are in jeopardy too. That’s why it is important to read the local paper and listen to the local radio station for updates. If everyone will be understanding and patient, that will help a lot. I know the schools are monitoring the situation locally so please stay tuned for details.

I know experts recommend staying at home as much as you can, but this is also a time to make sure our locally run businesses are doing well. It’s a fine line to walk but please keep going to our local businesses whenever possible. They rely on you to do this year round not just when there is a pandemic.

We will get through this. I know it is a disruption of our lives, but be smart. Wash your hands a lot and look out for our neighbors…especially if they are older and living alone. This is the time to shine and show real care. This is a short column this week but the message is a strong one.

Be safe and smart!!

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