It’s week number two of my mini vacation from work.

School has been delayed until at least April 3 (which is a Friday) and I have to admit, I’m going a little nuts. It could be worse (and it probably will soon) but I have a warm home, plenty of food and enough toilet paper to last a while….better than others. I’ve been called into work to help with the food distribution every other day this week. I’m really glad considering it’s at the Middle School and there are three schools worth of people that need the hours, so I’m glad for the hours I do get. I have no idea what we will be doing but I know the school system is feeding a lot of kids through the Middle School.

I guess it is part of a new world I have to get used to. As of today we don’t have any coronavirus in York County. I know it’s just a matter of time for us and I have to give the school credit for taking things serious. Same with the York city and York County governments who wisely made some decisions that will eventually be safe for us all.

During this time of trouble it’s more important than ever to remember those small business owners in town who are operating on a very small margin of profit during good times. I’m not saying not to support our big chains…they can weather storms like this easier, but those places also employee locals too. What I am saying is look who supports your child’s dance troop and all the local sporting teams during the year. This is the time to support those people when we can.

At home we are fortunate to have loving neighbors who check on us and vice-versa. We have a few of the neighbors who live alone and one in particular just went through some heavy duty surgery. We stopped last week with some food and told her we’d be happy to help her if she needs it. We know some folks at the assisted living centers in town and it’s a shame we can’t stop in and visit them. At least they know we are here to help should they need it.

The cat looks at me thinking, “What are you doing here all day? Don’t you know I have important nap time?” The dogs like the extra attention although they want to go out a lot. The cat will sneak out every one in a while and we just send the dogs out to get him. It usually takes a couple of laps around the back yard for the cat to come running up to the back door followed by the two dogs in short pursuit. With the extra moisture we’ve had, the dogs seem to find them and if we are not quick with a moist towel, they track mud all over the house. They are starting to get good about slowing down and getting their paws cleaned, but one in a while, they sneak by.

I have watched every episode of Friends on TV. That seems to be the only show I watch a lot of. Right now Rachel and Ross are going through yet another break up but that’s OK.

One thing we have both been doing a lot of is cooking and baking. At least Bob gets some exercise on the weekends taking the dogs for a walk but I have not. At least when I was working Monday through Friday, I was walking close to five miles a day at the school. Now that I’m homebound, I tend to not be very active. That’s great — just what I need. I have cleaned out a couple of closets since being home and laundry is starting to pile up again. Guess it’s too much effort to walk 30 feet to the laundry room.

We’re trying to do our part by going to a handful of restaurants in town…at least through the drive-through. If more and more people will do that a few times a week, the stores will be able to stay open longer. I have to admit we had corned beef and cabbage twice on St. Patty’s Day and we have had to postpone our weekly dinner with Annie Redfern to keep us all safe. Hopefully this won’t last long and we will once again be able to have a fun meal. Easter is right around the corner and I don’t know if we will be able to get together. We are also helping with two graduation parties…we’ll wait and see if they will still happen. We are assuming they will but are prepared in case we need to cancel or call it off. I’m glad we were asked to help but we will wait and see if there is a graduation. What a tough call to make and you can’t win whatever decision is made. I know it will be disappointing no matter what they decide. I hope people will be understanding — whichever ways it goes.

I’m glad to report I’ve washed my hands a lot more than I used to (except at school) and I’m starting to be aware of public places and door handles and railings that might be compromised. I know it might be too cautious but, better safe than sorry. You can do your part too by checking on your elderly or ill neighbors, don’t hoard things that might be in short supply, support the small businesses in town and mostly, be kind to one another.

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