Last week at work I overheard my co-worker Becca talk about going to a Bigfoot museum in Nebraska.

I was surprised because I thought I had heard of all the quirky museums in the state. I asked for more clarification and she told me that on the weekends, she takes her kids around Nebraska, doing the state’s Passport Program. That past weekend she took in the Tri-cities and one of the places on the Passport Program was a museum dedicated to Bigfoot. After doing some digging, I found out she was telling the truth….there was a Bigfoot Museum in Hastings!

Becca told me all about this place which is located across the street from the ballfields in Hastings – it’s run by one woman who is Bigfoot expert. I was told she is a delightful woman full of information. I talked to Mr. York Tourism and asked if he had heard of this before. Immediately his eyes grew huge because Bob IS a believer. He grabbed the most current Passport Program brochure and bingo…there it was. So we planned a Saturday trek to go see it.

After a little searching, we found it. It was located in a house. We rang the doorbell and the cutest little woman greeted us. We walked in and got an introduction to the place and to Harriet.

Harriet is an amazing woman. She and her late husband collected an amazing amount of artifacts, mostly from the area. This is where my eyes were opened. I thought there was one alleged Bigfoot but apparently there are dozens of them around the world. We found out they mostly follow a river or creek. I went in a skeptic but after listening to the stories she has heard, I’m convinced there is truth to the story.

She hosts a Bigfoot conference each year, drawing hundreds from all over to mingle with other “Sasquatchers.” It’s the envy of communities everywhere. She has been invited to take the convention to Omaha, Columbus, Grand Island and other places but since she has gotten a nice grant from the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Hastings for the last few years, I’m guessing she will keep it local.

If you are planning a visit, and I highly recommend it. They are open Mondays-Saturdays, and for a $5 admission, it is well worth it! You’ll get a kick out of Harriet too. She is personable, enthusiastic and loaded with information. There are 6-7 rooms in the house with all sorts of exhibits and artifacts. There is also a separate building across the way with plenty of other artifacts. You can wander around or Harriet or a volunteer can answer any questions you may have. I would suggest about an hour to see everything.

If you are doing the Passport Program, be sure to take your programs to get stamped or, if you need information on the program, Bob can provide them. Be sure to include York County’s three sites for stamps: The Chances R Restaurant, Harmony Nursery and Daylily Farm (Benedict) or Henderson’s Mennonite Village. Bob can answer any questions regarding the program. Big prizes are in store for those participating in it!

Many of you know I serve on the York Adopt a Pet Board of Directors. It is a great board and we have a terrific staff too. At our last board meeting we discussed many of our annual fundraisers that we sadly have to cancel or at least modify because of the pandemic. We might try some new twists on some of our usual events….more news will be released. One thing I wanted to make clear is that we still are saving pets and adopting them out. The big change is we are keeping our doors locked at least through sometime in July. However, if you know of a dog or cat that needs to be saved or if you are wanting to adopt one, call us first. We’ll make arrangements to come get the pet or you can make an appointment to come see the dogs and cats up for adoption.

The nice thing is that we did not lose a single volunteer due to the pandemic. They are all still coming and taking care of the dogs and cats, that has not stopped. Special thanks for your continued support.

I also got to meet our new executive director. Her name is Susan and she started a few weeks ago. She is delightful and once this pandemic is over, we will take her around to meet leaders in the community. We also will plan some sort of public reception in the future so she can meet the pubic. YAAP is still going strong, thanks to the 70-plus volunteers we have, the amazing staff we have and the other board members who have so much dedication to the animals of York County. Financially we could use some donations to help out. It is expensive to keep the place running so if you are interested in making a donation, call Susan at the office and we can work with you.

Last Friday, I got to work and found the place full of boxes of food. I found out that this was due to a very generous donation from New Heights Church. One of our paras is the youth pastor at the church and I’m sure he had something to do with this donation. There were 75 boxes -- each full of potatoes, carrots, squash, green peppers, onions, peaches, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, apples, blueberries, cauliflower, and more. We spent Friday sorting it all and I spent all morning Monday sacking the cauliflower -- the kids are going to enjoy the variety.

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