Well, I have graduated from driving to Omaha on my own.

I went to Omaha and had dinner with my family last Friday and it was good. Now I’m more comfortable driving around. Quite a change from a month ago, as I’ve been slowly recovering from my stroke.

It’s been great running into folks around town. People ask me how I’m doing and that makes me feel great. I even took my car in today to get my oil changed — by myself. I know, but it’s the little things that add up.

I had a follow up with my doctor and that was nice to talk to him. He gave me some great advice and I’ll go back next week for a thyroid check and maybe he will change my prescriptions a bit so I’m not as tired. I still continue to go on a short walk each day to build up my tolerance for things. So I’ll probably run into you on my walk so thanks in advance for your kind words. The doctor said to keep the walks coming and I should be ready for school.

I start my job back at the Middle School this week. I talked to my supervisor with my fears and she assured me that I’ll be fine. I’ve given a few more duties and that makes me nervous, but I talked to her and she said I need to relax when I get tired and take breaks when needed.

I’m sorry to report that my mother was very normal so I haven’t any stories to share. Rest assured, the whole family will be coming to town for dinner soon so I’m sure there will be other stories to share by then. I was talking to my sister the other day about how I’ve been getting caught up on “Friends” on TV and that started a whole other conversation.

I liked “Friends” when it ran but my sister REALLY liked it. We talked about it and the whole Ross and Rachel thing, back and forth for so many seasons but it was fun. You see, I was a 70s-80s child when it comes to TV and she came around later, but still it was fun.

I admit I was a huge TV fan growing up and it still is amazing how much I remember. I just wish there was a way of taking all the useless trivia of 70s TV and making a living out of it but there is not. Instead, it just clogs up my brain from accepting NEW useless trivia. The amount of shows I watched each week is staggering. They were mostly sitcoms but I watched Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man along with the comedies, All in the Family and all the spin offs, plus the Mary Tyler Moore productions. I watched them all and can remember most of the dialog from the shows almost 50 years later.

That’s it from this end. I will be putting my display at the Library up next week and I want to thank the past king and queens from Yorkfest for lending me some materials. Hope it all goes well and I am anxious to see who will replace us. Guess we will all have to wait to see who will be the new Yorkfest King and Queen.

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