What a week it has been.

I made it through my first full week back at the Middle School without any major injuries or setbacks. The kids have been really nice as have the staff at the school but it’s my co-workers who are amazing. They know my illness and take turns telling me to take a break or relax. More than my actual Mom would do.

Speaking of my Mom, she, and the whole family came to town on Saturday to do some shopping and eating. Mother still has the attention span of an infant and she was very bored while my sister and her daughter did some major shopping at Kirtsey’s. While they shopped my nephews played on their phones and my brother-in-law went to Goodwill to do some shopping. Bob smartly came down later so that left me with mom to babysit. Let’s just say that she and my sister are polar opposites when it comes to shopping. My sister and niece found some great bargains and mother was bored. She was hungry and bored (not a good combination). After dropping a considerable amount of money there, we went down the street to Chances R for a late dinner. All I can say is I’m thankful there were not a lot of people in the restaurant at the time. We told the story of how we stopped there after a show and she mistakenly put tartar sauce on her dinner role rather than butter. She realized her mistake and proceeded to spit the roll out in the middle of the restaurant (and it was considerably crowded at the time.) In fact, we sat a table away from the infamous booth where it had happened.

She also thought it was cold inside and started to drape herself in the napkins on the table (we told the diners at the table next to us that she just got out of the home so please excuse her). The lunch was very delicious (as usual) and thankfully it was the only incident. We said our goodbyes and then I headed out to the State Fair for a shift at the York Visitors Booth. It was low-key and there wasn’t much to report… until the next day.

Before I returned to the fair, I had a shift at Wessels Living History Farm. While it was a bit slow, I did get the chance to visit with Bobbi, the new Director. We had many things to discuss, and I may be more involved with Wessels down the road… more to come. Then home to pick up Bob and we headed back out to the Fair. Those of you who have followed this column over the years know how much I love the Fair. The food (more later) and the people watching can’t be beat. Sunday’s crowd was much more lively than Saturday night.

First of all we are located next to Mr. Knife. Let’s just say that there are certain people in this world that shouldn’t have a knife under any circumstances. There were a lot of these types who bought knives and I pray they really know how to use them. There were some definite fashion don’ts at the Fair and I believe it was toothless day because there were plenty of dentally challenged folks in attendance. Since we are now in the Expo Building, it is much busier than the 4-H building we use to be in. With more traffic comes more interesting people to look at. They were all nice except one young man got into an argument with me. It started out innocent. He began by asking me what I was selling. Keep in mind he was standing in front of the sign that said “York County”. I replied that I am representing York County. He asked what was York County? I told him it was 45 miles to the east, and he asked if I was selling the county? I bit my lip and replied that I was in fact selling the county. He asked how much and I told him $25. He told me it was too high for his blood and he waddled away.

Before the shift began, we stopped at JW’s booth for dinner. Melanie said the crowds were good and she was having a great time. We’ll see how a week of the fair goes for them. Anyway, we ordered our meal (which was the best burger in all of the fair) and as we were leaving, she told us about a new item they had, peanut butter ice cream, surrounded by a chocolate cookie and then dipped in chocolate on a stick. She had me with peanut butter but we had to wait. After enjoying our cheeseburger and Sloppy Joe, we went back for our dessert. All I can say is Oh My Word!! If I could, I would have myself dipped in chocolate too. I implore you that when you go to the fair, find JW’s booth — get a burger or something they sell but save room for this amazing concoction. Be prepared to be awed. I’ll be going back to the fair next weekend and I can already taste that great dessert. If you are at the Fair, stop at our booth and say hello.

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