Sunday I got a chance to work as a lobby sitter at the Yorkshire Playhouse.

It was great. Not only was the show great under the watchful eye of Karla Ott, it was so nice to see so many familiar faces in the audience. Many asked if I was doing OK, and I was glad to report I was. The show got great reviews for the last run and all was wonderful.

We are reading a script for a potential show next year. It’s been a long time since I was in a show, but I had trouble memorizing scripts BEFORE the stroke. I can’t imagine what it’s like now. It is a very funny show and I’d like to get involved again . . . but it might have to be smaller parts before I try this. The show is familiar to one Bob and I were in many years ago called “A Bench in the Sun” where we played old men with lots of make-up, trying to win the heart of a former actress. I contacted the woman who played the actress (who hasn’t been on stage for a while) and she wants to read the script — which is very encouraging!

The York County Fair starts this week and we are trying to determine if the Queen and I are going to judge little animals or not. It’s a great time and congratulations to the fair board for putting a nice fair together.

Bob is still looking for volunteers to help staff our booth at the state fair later in August. If you can spare some time to help out, please contact Bob at the Visitors Bureau at 402-362-4575 or stop at his office and visit about options. Looks like we will be doing several shifts and it is always great to see JW’s booth at the fair. Jerry and Melanie do a great job. They must be very popular since there is a fast moving line outside their window and the famous “Fry Hole.”

Thanks to our past Yorkfest Royalty for dropping off materials for the 40th display I will be working on at the library. Trying to put together 40 years of material about Yorkfest is a challenge and I hope to have it put up in mid-August. If you have material from some of the early years, drop them off at the Chamber office with your name on it. Thanks in advance!

I want to thank everyone for the nice comments I continue to get. While Mom wanted to take me to Omaha to get the “right care,” after walking through our hospital and visiting with my friend, Evelyn, Mom said I was in good hands. She was so right.

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