Bob and I went to Omaha this past weekend.

My younger brother and his family were visiting from Denver and since it was Father’s Day, it was a good time to go for a visit. It was great to visit with my sister and her family and my brother and his family. We were missing my older brother from Arizona and, of course, my dad. Then my mother came. We found out that she drove herself to a hospital over the weekend (she didn’t want to be a bother) to take care of a piece of chicken that got caught in her throat.

This has happened before. She was given a prescription and specific instructions from a doctor that she chose to ignore. After all, this woman went through years of medical school and served as a doctor for many years, so she knew better… except she didn’t go to medical school, and is not a doctor! After getting a verbal lashing about following directions from her daughter and the doctor, they helped her. We gave her an updated phone number list and email contacts for all her family, and told her it is NEVER a problem to contact anyone on the list.

She promptly lost the list. I’d like to say that was all we had to deal with except her TV stopped working a couple of days ago. Keep in mind, she has two other TVs to watch, but she HAD to have HER TV working. She spent many hours on the phone with the cable service (keep in mind her hearing is less than perfect and every one she talks to is the problem….not her). So you can imagine what her scribblings ended up being. No one volunteered to go to her house, translate what she wrote, and fix her TV. After a lot of whining on her part, my nephew, Ryan, said he would go over and work on it. After 30 minutes, Ryan returned. There were so many wires in back of her TV, he couldn’t get it to work. She was going to have the cable guy come out to her house. Poor guy.

We spent a lot of time talking about growing up. There was a time when I was 4 or 5 that I was looking out the front window when the window came down and pinned me there. I struggled, but couldn’t get out. Calmly, I called for Mom to help me get out of the window. Mom was on the phone to who-knows-who and couldn’t be disturbed, and told me so. I kept saying, “Mom, I’m stuck,” and she calmly took her shoe off and lobbed it at me to silence me. I quietly sobbed until my dad came home. He saw me crying and asked what was wrong. I told him Mom was on the phone and wouldn’t help me. After he released me and was sure I was OK, he marched into the kitchen and had it out with her. Mom said this weekend that if only I had sounded more urgent, she would have helped me.

You see, I was the second child, and my older brother was a bit of a hell-raiser. He drove my folks crazy, and I saw how he treated them and I decided not to bring any attention to myself. I think that is why I let this happen to me. It wasn’t the only time my brother set me up for something like this. One time, I remember him asking me to come to the bathroom with him. He said that I couldn’t do jumping jacks in the bathroom. Of course I knew how and was anxious to show him, which I did. Suddenly, a piece of the sink fell out, and he said, “Look what you did. I’m telling Mom.” Fortunately, my folks didn’t believe it, and my brother was punished for it.

I don’t remember being so mean to my younger brother and sister, but apparently, I was. We were on a family vacation, once, and stayed in a questionable motel in Iowa. We stayed in separate rooms from my folks and I told my younger brother that we were all going to leave him in the middle of the night and go home. He was all of five years old, then, and he couldn’t sleep all night. My sister tried to convince him I was making it up, but he didn’t believe her. He stayed up all night. I got in trouble for that one.

Overall, it was a fun weekend. Bob got scared watching the antics of the family, and my sister-in-law made herself into a small ball so it wouldn’t suck her in. My brother has regular stops he makes in Omaha when he comes for a visit. LaCasa Pizza and Broncos are must-stops. This time, he got to Broncos (he walked from his wife’s folks’ house) and realized that they had to-go only. Being the creative person he is, he called his father-in-law, who was watching his son, and asked him to come to Broncos, toot-sweet. He came, they went through the drive-through, and his father-in-law was rewarded with a bag of fries.

Things continue going well at the middle school. We are averaging 500 lunches each day. We are hoping we can get funding to go through July, but nothing has been decided yet. We still have fun while keeping distance from each other. We have gone through most of the perishable food from New Heights Church, but have plenty of food items that will last. That donation really helps us; plenty of variety for the kids, and that works out well!

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