The first Farmers Market is in the books. The new location, in the library’s green space, seemed to work out just fine. We had good traffic and everyone around me did well.

I sold out of my baked goods and about a third of my jams/jellies. I am busy replenishing everything this week so I’ll be well-stocked come Thursday.

It’s also nice to have the library have mini book sales in conjunction with the market, so be sure to check out the selection of used books for sale when you come to the market.

Thanks to York State Bank and Relay for Life for providing free refreshments, that certainly helped bring folks to the new location. I was impressed with the variety of items for sale and I think as the summer goes on, more produce will start coming in and that will increase the appeal of the Farmers Market. We do appreciate you stopping by and buying our homegrown, handmade and homemade products.

We saw the new Godzilla movie and I must say it met all my expectations for a summer movie. I remember seeing Jaws on the big screen as the first real Summer Blockbuster. I was sitting next to a perfect stranger who thought it was perfectly alright to sink her nails into my forearm when the shark showed up. Star Wars was another fun summer movie and of course 1989’s Batman. As you can imagine, I was very excited when that movie came out. Sure, it had lots of flaws but what a great experience. I think I saw it in the theater eight times that summer. It’s not that I wanted to see it that many times, but I had a lot of friends who wanted to see it so naturally I volunteered to go with them. I must say it brought back a lot of my childhood memories of watching the Caped Crusader on TV growing up.

Speaking of, this past weekend was the second anniversary of Adam West passing away. I was so honored to have spent an entire weekend escorting him around Lincoln when I worked for the Children’s Zoo in Lincoln. I cherish the copy of his book he autographed for me and consider that weekend one of the highlights of my life. To not only meet, but be responsible for my childhood hero for a whole weekend was amazing. He was a charming and energetic man and so enjoyed the crowds of people who came out to see him.

As I mentioned last week, my family will be getting together soon in Omaha. My brother and his family from Denver usually come for the College World Series and this year my mom’s side will be coming as well. I have some great memories of that side of the family. Mom had one brother, my Uncle Joe who was married to another Joan. I remember my uncle quite well, but my Aunt Joan passed away when I was about 15. My grandpa on mom’s side passed when I was eight so I don’t have a lot of memories of him. They had three kids. My cousin Robert is coming to Omaha along with his wife and one of his two kids. He had two sisters, Diane and Jill. Diane was between my older brother and my age and my cousin Jill was between my sister and my younger brother’s age. They both are gone, but I have memories of both — especially Jill.

Mom’s mom came to Omaha each summer so I have great memories of her. She was kind, witty and a great cook — one reason we loved it when she came for a visit. It will be great to see them in a few weeks — along with my brother and his family.

I got my annual birthday package from the Denver crew. My brother finds these great locally owned shops specializing in different products. This year it was a selection of nuts and they are awesome. He does find the greatest gifts. His birthday is the end of August so I have some time to search out a great gift for him. I will load him up with jams, jellies and pickles when they come.

I am very excited to see my nephew, Roby. He is seven and reminds me so much of my brother when he was that age. He and my other nephew, Ayden, my sister’s youngest, are best buds. They have so much fun when they see each other and it is too bad they live so far apart. Ayden is the one nephew I know the least. My other nieces and nephews I know because I lived in Omaha when they were growing up, but I feel I don’t know Ayden that well. We do have fun when we get to see each other, but since I am not there in Omaha to go to his games and other activities, I feel a bit of a disconnect. I am glad that my mom is able to go to all his activities. That is one thing my dad used to love, is being a part of his grandkids’ lives. Glad Mom is stepping up and being a part of their lives.

I called Mom the other day to say hello and she had all the older grandkids and her new great-grandson over for dinner. It sounded like a lot of fun and I do miss that connection with the family. That’s one reason I love it when my sister comes to town to shop. We get to laugh and make fun of mom — good times.

The job search continues. I think the UNL job is winding down and the Lunch Lady job will resume in August. There are a few local jobs I applied for that I didn’t get interviews, which is a bit depressing, but something good will be coming soon. I’m picking up some odd jobs this summer to get me by until school starts again. I am excited that they asked me back. It will be good to see some of the same kiddos from this last school year plus a new batch coming in from the elementary school. Well, got to get back to my jams and jellies — hope to see you Thursday at the Farmers Market.

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