Here we are after The Oscars. I have some comments that may rub some people the wrong way but here I go.

I thought it’s too bad they did not have a host. Steve Martin and Chris Rock were outstanding in their opening monologue, too bad they didn’t do the whole show. Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig were the highlight for me, although having Rebel Wilson and James Commeron as CATS rejects was very funny. The musical numbers were also quite good. Elton John and Eminen were very good. The memorial to those who left us this year was good but they omitted recent deaths like Orson Beem which is unacceptable.

I picked Supporting Actress (great speech by Laura Dern for her shout-out to her famous parents), Best Actress and Actor but the one that surprised me was Supporting Actor winner Brad Pitt. I’m sure he deserved his win and his jab at the impeachment hearings was perfect. I knew when Parasite won Best Director it would win Best Picture. I loved seeing Oscar winner Jan Fonda. She looked great (and is signed up for the 9-5 Reboot).

Here are some trivia facts. Parasite was the first non-speaking movie in Oscars 92 years to win Best Picture, Joaquin’s win for Best Actor portraying The Joker is the second time Oscars were given to two different actors portraying the same character in two different movies (the late Heath Ledger won a Supporting Actor in The Dark Knight a couple of years ago).

Overall it was a good ceremony even though I’ve only seen two of the movies up for Best Picture. The stars looked great and the awards were well deserved. I think of my friend Sue Roush loved the Oscars and I know how strange it must have been for her son Mitch to enjoy the ceremony without her. I’m sure she was watching from above and I hope Mitch feels the same.

I have to admit the Oscars snuck up on me this year. I thought it was next week but it was still enjoyable to watch. Speaking of next weekend — be sure and stop out at the Holthus Convention Center this weekend for the annual York Home and Garden Show hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. The auditorium is filled with vendors waiting to talk to you about all your spring time projects. Best thing is there is NO admission and plenty of free parking for the event. I’ll be manning the popcorn machine a couple of times so stop out.

Last weekend was the Friends of the Library’s annual York Uncorked event. We sold close to 200 tickets and I think everyone had a good time sampling wines, craft beer and spirits that several vendors provided. Thanks to Tom Mason of Kirk’s Korner for gathering his distributors for the event. Thanks also to the dozens of FOL members for making treats for the evening. Overall it was a great event for the library. One thing we had a lot of requests for was to put the date on the commemorative wine glasses each year since folks have been attending this event for six years and have quite the collection of glasses. We will talk about how we can do that for next year at our next meeting.

It’s a great event to supplement the library’s budget each year. The Friends group sponsors this plus the book sales and soup sale each year and we are glad the city supports our library. We are doing more and more to reach out to the other communities in York County because we welcome guests from all over to use our resources. We are blessed with an outstanding staff lead by the amazing Deb Robertson. If ever you have a question or issue with the library or have book requests, please contact any member of the staff and they will be glad to help you.

We are still waiting to see if the Farmers Market and Santa’s house will again be at the library or not. I was involved in both -- the Farmers Market had a great location and if they choose it again they need better signage to direct people to the area. Otherwise it was good. Same with Santa’s house. We still managed a good turn out and folks were pretty happy to have regular hours for Santa. I’m so glad the Chamber reached out to the library for these events. I know the library liked them there too. We will see. I know the Chamber would love to hear from you about these events so stop by and let them know.

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