This weekend I got to meet the newest member of the family and drop off some belated Mother’s Day gifts to Mom.

My older brother, Craig and his wife, Sharon, had a son, Nick, some 40 years ago and now Nick and his wife just became parents with my new great-nephew.

Myles Allen Kirshenbaum is a cutie. He looks like both his dad, my nephew Nick, and like his wife, Sara. He was really good during our visit. They also have two giant boxer dogs who did a lot of barking, but little Myles must be used to it in his five short weeks on earth.

I remember when Nick was born. My dad was absolutely giddy that he has a first grandchild. Nick was a great kid growing up and my younger brother, Larry, is just eight years older than Nick.

Little Myles was born the day after the fourth anniversary of my dad’s passing and we all knew Dad was there to meet his great grandson.

My sister loves babies. When she first met Myles (the day after he was born), she didn’t want to let go of him. She was like that when my nephew Roby was born. I don’t recall her acting like this when her own children were born, but I’m sure she was.

It was fun watching my nephew dote over his new son -- he and his wife Sara will be great parents. Mom held Myles for a while during our visit and he started getting fussy until she gave him to Sara — then it stopped right away.

Nick has a younger sister, Angela. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for several years — hopefully soon. The one who is over the moon is my sister-in-law, Sharon. She has been asking both kids for grandkids for years and now she has her first. I can’t wait to see my brother Craig with his grandson. I’m sure he will be as excited as our dad was when he became a grandfather.

Nick is the oldest of the grandkids, but there are several on-deck to start adding to this next generation. Granted, two are still in elementary school and the other two are not married (or dating anyone), so it all falls on my niece Angela and her husband to continue this tradition.

Mom was beaming being around Myles. She was known as “Manna” to the grandkids and she is a good grandma. She still thinks she is too young to be a grandmother let alone a great-grandmother — but that’s another topic.

Speaking of Mom — I didn’t get to Omaha for Mother’s Day, so she got her goodies this weekend. Bob put a planter together that is amazing (side note -- I think there is a cottage business for him when he retires), he also made a Rhubarb Cobbler for her. In the 58 years that I have known her, she never once mentioned she liked rhubarb and now, all of a sudden, she loves it. She was very excited for both gifts. She couldn’t wait to dig into the cobbler after lunch and she got the planter out on the deck. She has never had the best of luck when it comes to gardens, in fact she has a prized plant in the front of her house -- which is a weed, but it’s really pretty (her words, not mine) when in bloom.

Friday was my last day at the middle school kitchen. It was a little sad but it was also a great experience. I was thrilled to be asked to come back in August for the next school year. I told Betty (my boss) that I am still going to be searching for a full-time job with benefits, but she said that was OK. I’m glad to be coming back. The kids were all wonderful and the ladies I worked with were the best. One of them, Cathy, is retiring after 14 years, so I will be taking her place. Those are big shoes to fill but I’m up for it. I still have the UNL recruiting job for at least another month and I decided I am going to get back into jam/jelly production and do some additional catering this summer.

I signed up for the Farmers Market (which will be held at the Kilgore Memorial Library’s green space) and I plan to have jams, jellies along with some desserts, such as cheesecake by the slice, bread pudding and maybe some homemade tortilla chips again. I am also going to be making lunches for some of the area farmers once again — so hopefully that will keep me busy this summer. I also made myself available to help out at the library and I will be doing some volunteer work at the visitors bureau.

Congratulations to McGee for graduating from Kathy Johnson’s Obedient Training. We went eight weeks and I must say he did learn quite a bit there. It all hinges on my dedication to keep up with the training he went through. He looked forward to going down each week and got to see some of his 4-legged friends — especially Murphy Cox (Susan and Tom Cox’s wonderful little dog). Both McGee and Murphy got to take home a traveling trophy for outstanding behavior. Kathy is so patient with the dogs and their owners and I highly recommend signing up if you have a dog (regardless of age) that may need a little guidance. McGee does love his treats but now he does his little tricks without a treat — but the praise from me seems to be enough.

My diet continues to roll on. I’m down 35 pounds so far and I have a ways to go. Now that I have free time in the mornings, you will probably see me walking again. I need to keep up with the six miles I walked each day at the middle school. The job search will continue and hopefully something will pop up but until then, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.

Put June 1 on your calendar for the annual garage sale to benefit York Adopt a Pet. We have a great selection of items to pick from. It will be held at the shelter from 8 a.m. until 2 pm. You can pick up some bargains and help York Adopt a Pet at the same time. There will be pictures of some of the items posted on the YAAP website shortly.

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