I’ve heard it said that fear should not put us into inaction, but place us into action, to do what is that we do best!

I’d like to imagine that what we do best here at Blue Valley Community Action is to serve others, in ways both large and small.

COVID-19 is an unwanted visitor and an invisible force never before seen in our lifetimes. In spite of this pandemic, Blue Valley continues to serve the less fortunate and low-income residents of York County. Help in the form of food, shelter and emergency assistance.

Many guidelines and restrictions have been relaxed in order to assist those who have found themselves unemployed or who have children at home rather than at school during the day.

Blue Valley Community Action’s thrift store is closed to the public and will be closed until it is deemed safe to reopen. Donations of clothing and miscellaneous items are not accepted at this time.

We serve the Feeding America food from our local Wal-Mart store. The food is picked up three times a week by volunteers. It is then distributed outside of the Blue Valley building alongside the east driveway on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings around 10:30.

The Blue Valley staff practices social distancing as the food is distributed including wearing masks and gloves. Lines of bright colored duct tape have been placed six feet apart as the clients wait their turn to get food, one by one.

Food pantries serve food baskets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon by appointment only.

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program is distributing their food to seniors 60 years of age and older. Call either Deann or Patty to set up a time and pick-up at 402-729-2278.

Joy can come in many forms.

I will always remember the morning that I came to work and the front sidewalk and side driveway were covered in beautiful chalk art. Flowers, rainbows and stars in a variety of pastel colors brought smiles to all who saw it! Hats off the artists; Sophia, Hattie, Nell and Jack Chavanu for their memorable gift!

Thank you to Jessica Votipka for her continued support. Her most recent article entitled “Food Security in a Time of Insecurity” was greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Rochelle Geiger, York County Juvenile Support and Diversion Officer, for the opportunity to join forces to feed 22 families over the long Easter weekend.

Thank you to York Ace Hardware for supporting Blue Valley Community Action through their round-up program.

We will choose to be apart now so that we can all be together later. Blue Valley will continue to care, collaborate and communicate to the best of our abilities.

Be safe. Be happy. Be healthy. Blue Valley Community Action will be here, as always ready to serve.

Be sure to “like” us on Facebook as news of additional food drop offs and other important notices are updated often.

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