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Kilgore Memorial Library

From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, libraries were already acting and improvising.

Now, they are figuring out what that experience means to their future operations and their role in our communities.

Libraries are keeping people productive, safe, healthy, informed and connected to each other. Many libraries have ramped up their online presence. There are lists of resources for children’s activities; plans for improving adult job skills and dealing with job loss; hobby ideas; reading lists; ways to sleep better, meditate, and stay calm; ways to exercise; and ideas for virtual, social interaction.

One continuous refrain from public health officials is that reopening economic and social life too soon could trigger a resurgence in coronavirus cases and deaths. Kilgore Memorial Library is following the best practices from the CDC and local health department guidelines. The building is closed to the public until May 31 (watch for any updates) but are continuing to connect with the community by chat, text, phone and email.

Four Little Free Library receptacles were relocated to the Library and filled with adult books, young adult books and children’s books. The response from the community has been overwhelming – so many positive comments have been received, books and money donated, and tokens of support have been left for the staff.

You are still invited to participate in “Online Storytime” with Mrs. B. (and Mr. B!) Fridays at 10 a.m., and “Doodles with Courtney” Thursdays at 10 a.m., through May. The public Wi-Fi (allowing you to access the Internet for FREE) is still available on our grounds from 6 a.m., until midnight for your use.

Don’t forget all the online reading material available through our online library. Don’t have a library account? You can complete an online application by clicking on the SIGN UP button at There are Summer 2020 Online Resources for readers of all ages available from our web site also. Your library is only one click away!

Do you have a business-critical issue, a group needing to “meet” safely, or have an urgent item to discuss “face-to-face”? During this unusual time, we know how important every connection and conversation is. Another service from Kilgore is the opportunity to hold a Zoom conference. Contact the library at for consideration in hosting your meeting.

Ideas for the Summer Reading Program, to involve readers of all ages, are still being discussed. Updates for Summer Reading Program and all activities are available at, or follow updates at Kilgore Memorial Library on Facebook.

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